Amy Poehler Is Producing New Comedy Projects for ABC and NBC
Amy Poehler and her production company Paper Kite are on a roll this month. Deadline reports that both ABC and NBC have given put pilot commitments to Poehler-produced projects: Jordan Roter’s Aunt Jill (ABC) and Nisha Ganatra’s Pre-Madonna (NBC). Here’s more info on both projects:... [Read More]
Amy Schumer gets a butt slap and a banana from Madonna on stage at Madison Square Garden
When news first broke back in June that Amy Schumer was going to be opening for Madonna in New York City, it officially solidified her name into the ethos. Yes, she is on top of the comedy mountain, but now every generation knows who Amy Schumer is when you bring her name up in conversation. [&helli... [Read More]
Amy Schumer opens for, twerks for Madonna at MSG; will headline own stand-up arena show in June 2016
Amy Schumer closed her first of three opening sets with Madonna on Wednesday night by announcing that Schumer would headline her own comedy show at Madison Square Garden in June 2016. “Who better to open for Madonna than me? The answer: literally, any band,” Schumer joked Wednesday.... [Read More]
Amy Schumer is going to open up for Madonna on tour in New York
If you were planning on going to see Madonna on tour in New York City, well, you just doubled down my friend. The star of the upcoming and much anticipated Judd Apatow film Trainwreck will be opening for the pop diva. Amy Schumer posted the announcement by adding a video of herself singing “Li... [Read More]
Amy Schumer Will Open Three Shows for Madonna in September
Madonna is going on tour this fall, and she just added an unexpected but fantastic opener for three shows in September. Amy Schumer revealed on Twitter today that she is slated to open for Madonna on her Rebel Heart tour on September 16th, 17th, and 19th. The first two shows are at Madison Square Ga... [Read More]
Amy Schumer will open for Madonna at Madison Square Garden, Barclays; co-headline Fourth of July bash with Queen Latifah
Everything's coming up big and bigger for Amy Schumer in 2015, as today already has seen announcements for two major gigs for the comedian this summer -- she'll co-headline a Fourth of July celebration in New York City with Queen Latifah on the Intrepid; in September, she'll open for Madonna's two s... [Read More]
Madonna’s stand-up on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: Rest in Peace, Comedy
You work your whole life trying to perfect what you do, overcoming hurdles and obstacles, wending your way through the intrinsically byzantine labyrinth of the industry surrounding your passion. Then one day, the gate keepers who purport to uphold the standards and quality to which you aspire &ndash... [Read More]
Madonna on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Yes, Madonna, as in Madonna. For reasons yet to be explained, Madonna decided to make her stand-up comedy debut on Thursday night's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Unless you want to just take the music idol at her word for it when she told Fallon that she fancied herself as "kinda a closet come... [Read More]
Madonna makes her stand-up debut on The Tonight Show: “I decided to move up the food chain, so I started dating a 28 year old”
After Madonna admits she’s a closet comedian, Jimmy gives her a chance to workshop her material on The Tonight Show. Madonna makes her stand-up debut on The Tonight Show: “I decided to move up the food chain, so I started dating a 28 year old” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Madonna eyes comedy career, should music ever fail her
Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone – pop icon, mediocre actress, BSDM queen, and… stand-up comedian? Well, after you’ve intentionally published a book that shows you and Vanilla Ice doing the nasty, where else is there to go but onstage in front of a microphone to tell jokes about it... [Read More]