Will Ferrell nails cheerleader in the face at New Orleans Pelicans game
Yes, you read that right. And with the price of admission these days to sporting events across the country, you feel just a little bit better when you get to see something special. Whether it’s a record being broken, extra game play with overtime, or maybe it’s one of the best half-time ... [Read More]
Louis CK announces end of tour dates shows in Chicago, and with one-night only at LA’s Forum and Madison Square Garden in New York, get ready
Louis C.K. just announced he’ll be hitting Chicago, New York, and LA before beginning production on Season 5 of Louie. First up, two shows at Chicago Theater Jan. 5th and 6th followed by the mack daddy of them all, a one off show at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Jan. 7th. He’ll close t... [Read More]
Image of Video: Upright Citizens Brigade opens new Los Angeles comedy theater on Sunset
Video: Upright Citizens Brigade opens new Los Angeles comedy theater on Sunset
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has carved out a big place in the Los Angeles comedy scene, with a popular comedy training program and performers who regularly turn up in TV and film. Now they're expanding that influence with a new theater and training center on Sunset Boulevard, while continuing to put on shows at their old Franklin Avenue location. [Read More]
UCB confirms opening date for Los Angeles training center, fourth theater
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre recently opened a brand-new training center in New York City, and they're about to open their first legitimate training center in Los Angeles, too, which also will include an 85-seat cafe theater -- the UCB's fourth performance space. UCB Theatre Sunset, 5419 W. ... [Read More]
This Year's Los Angeles Podcast Festival Will Feature a Ton of Your Favorite Comedy Podcasts
by Megh Wright The third annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival is set to take place next month from September 26-28, and this week the lineup was officially released. Among the many comedy podcasts slated to record live shows at the event are WTF, Superego, Doug Loves Movies, Never Not Funny, The X-Fi... [Read More]
Los Angeles Kings Ice Girl Fall Amazing! Hannah Hunsinger Video After Stanley Cup Win Shows Danger Of High Heels
Hockey fans all across Los Angeles celebrated when the Kings won the Stanley Cup on Friday night. But one member of the Kings Ice Crew, Hannah Hunsinger, nearly managed to overshadow the big victory. After the game, Hunsinger made the mistake of trying to walk across the ice in high heels. Unsurpris... [Read More]
'Vanity Fair' Talks to Groundlings Alums to Celebrate the Theatre's 40th Anniversary
by Megh Wright Vanity Fair has a new oral history out today of The Groundlings, LA's legendary improv theatre that has spawned countless comedic talents on SNL, movies, and beyond like Paul Reubens, Lisa Kudrow, Phil Hartman, Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, and Melissa McCarthy. Here's Reubens recalling t... [Read More]
Dave Anthony: An oral history of failure and (partial) redemption
“Dave had two ways of expressing emotion,” said Patton Oswalt, “anger and silence.” Dave Anthony is a comic, a contemporary of Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Janeane Garofalo and other comedy powerhouses who came up at the n... [Read More]
Comedian Jessica Michelle Singleton Invades the Stage in Europe (Video)
Jessica Michelle Singleton can be seen frequently performing stand-up comedy throughout the Los Angeles area. Standing at only 4’11″ but packed full of energy, her observational wit and self-deprecating comedy on stage will leave you in tears. You can follow her at Facebook.com/JessicaM... [Read More]
Jen Kirkman Seems Like Fun
Jen Kirkman does it all – the Los Angeles-based stand-up frequently tours the country, she writes and appears on Chelsea Lately and After Lately, she’s the author of I Can Barely Take Care of myself, a humorous look at the child-free life, and she hosts her own podcast, I Seem Fun, and i... [Read More]