Dave Chappelle subject of a lawsuit stemming from a 2015 banana incident
Dave Chappelle is being sued because of a banana. If you can remember way back to 2015, you might remember… MORE Dave Chappelle subject of a lawsuit stemming from a 2015 banana incident appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
John Oliver Reminds Coal CEO Bob Murray to “Eat Shit” After Judge Dismisses His Defamation Suit Against ‘Last Week Tonight’
This clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight includes two great things: First up is an update on coal CEO Bob Murray’s defamation suit against the HBO show, which was recently dismissed by a judge after months of public and hilarious updates. Oliver said he’s been advised not to s... [Read More]
West Virginia judge dismisses coal magnate’s lawsuit against HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
John Oliver has beat back a defamation lawsuit filed against him and his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, by Murray Energy Corporation coal magnate Robert Murray. The judge in the case in West Virginia’s second judicial circuit, Jeffrey Cramer, wrote: “I find the arguments set forth in ... [Read More]
A Comedian Is Suing UCB for “Reverse Gender Discrimination” After Getting Banned Over Rape Allegations
Back in August 2016, New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade theaters banned a comedian after multiple women came forward with rape allegations against him, and now he’s suing UCB over what he claims is “reverse gender discrimination.” According to the New York Post, Aaron G... [Read More]
How sensitive will Canadian comedy audiences (or bookers) get?
Just when you thought it was safe to tell jokes in Canada… Wait. You thought it was safe to tell jokes in Canada? Don’t let the extravagance of Just For Laughs fool you. For all of the “ethnic” and “nasty” shows at JFL Montreal each July, there are comedy bookers... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt tells HBO’s VICE about joke thievery
In case you missed it, HBO’s VICE News recently took a look at joke theft through the prism of an ongoing lawsuit by a Twitter user named Robert Alex Kaseberg, who alleges Conan O’Brien and his Team Coco staff on TBS stole jokes from him for use in his monologues. VICE News didn’t ... [Read More]
The ACLU Defends John Oliver Against Coal CEO Bob Murray: “Anyone Can Legally Say ‘Eat Shit, Bob!'”
Back in June, news broke that Murray Energy Corporation CEO Bob Murray filed a lawsuit against John Oliver and Last Week Tonight after the HBO show aired a segment about Murray and the coal industry. In the lawsuit, Murray – who has a history of being very litigious when he’s covere... [Read More]
John Oliver Is Being Sued by the Coal Company CEO He Said Would Sue Him
John Oliver devoted most of last week’s episode of Last Week Tonight to the coal industry and Trump’s empty promises to bring miners’ jobs back, and he took some time to single out Murray Energy Corporation CEO Bob Murray, who sent the show its first cease and desist letter and thr... [Read More]
Hung jury results in Cosby mistrial; prosecutors vow to try comedy legend again for sexual assault
After all these years, the first criminal trial charging comedy legend Bill Cosby with drugging and molesting at least one woman against her will has ended quicker than anyone expected in a mistrial. The trial began June 5, went to the jury after a six-minute defense, and ended Saturday after the ju... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien Might Be Headed to Trial Over Joke Theft Allegations
Accusations of joke theft are a common occurrence in the comedy world, but something that’s not a common occurrence — taking a joke theft accusation to trial — might happen soon to TBS host Conan O’Brien. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a federal judge has ruled that O&r... [Read More]