@Midnight Is Becoming @11:30 For a Couple of Weeks
by Adam Frucci With The Colbert Report officially gone, it's only a matter of time before The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore debuts in its timeslot. But during that awkward period before then, Chris Hardwick and @midnight will take over the 11:30pm timeslot on Comedy Central. From January 5th throu... [Read More]
Nick Offerman talks about wrapping up ‘Parks & Rec’ on Fallon
Sadly, Parks and Recreation has wrapped in series finale. Nick Offerman, who gave the world the wonderful Ron Swanson, visited The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon the other night. Offerman talks about the somber last day of filming, how everyone was reduced to tears on set. Well except for Offerm... [Read More]
Greg Warren on Late Night with Seth Meyers
At 46, Greg Warren is behind the curve in certain respects. No disrespect to the institutions of marriage and parenthood. With all due respect. It's just maybe Warren isn't as behind as you think he is. As he explained in this stand-up performance on Thursday's Late Night with Seth Meyers. Roll the ... [Read More]
Sebastian Maniscalco on Conan
Sebastian Maniscalco and his wife have different ways of dealing with a wild opossum in their yard. Same goes for squirrels, even! Let him explain in this stand-up set from Thursday night's Conan. You can find a full hour where that came from in Maniscalco's latest stand-up special, "Aren't You Emb... [Read More]
Nick Offerman Talks About Wrapping Up 'Parks and Rec', Filling His Pants with 'the Saddest Oatmeal'
by Adam Frucci Nick Offerman was on The Tonight Show last night, and he talked with Fallon about the final day of shooting Parks and Rec. It sounds like it was pretty sad, but at least he and Aziz were able to weasel their way into having one last line. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Seth Meyers Tells the Sony Hackers to "Bring It On"
by Adam Frucci Last night, Seth Meyers took a bold stand against North Korea or whoever hacked Sony Pictures, causing them to cancel the release of The Interview. A bold stance, but seemingly not one that NBC is fully behind. 0 Comments... [Read More]
'The Colbert Report' Says Goodbye with Dozens of Stephen's Closest, Most Famous Friends
by Adam Frucci The final episode of The Colbert Report aired last night, and in it Stephen killed death himself and ascended into eternity – with Alex Trebek, naturally. But before flying off into another realm, he had some of his best pals join him in song. Everybody from Jon Stewart and Mic... [Read More]
Craig Ferguson to James Corden: "I'm Delighted You're Taking Over"
by Megh Wright Craig Ferguson's final Late Late Show airs tomorrow night and James Corden takes over in March, so during last night's show Ferguson brought Corden on for a symbolic passing of the torch, brief hazing, and warning to Late Late Show viewers to be nice to the new guy, who is apparently ... [Read More]
Jessica Williams Gives Fox News Contributors the Jay-Z Treatment on 'Daily Show'
by Megh Wright Correspondent Jessica Williams appeared on The Daily Show last night to set the record straight after Sean Hannity referred to Jay-Z as a "former crack dealer" on Fox News, prompting her to turn the tables on the "news" network that's constantly telling the black community to "stay ou... [Read More]
FXX snags Axe Cop, Lucas Bros Moving Co., more for Animation Domination High-Def
The Lucas Brothers are returning to television, along with several other animated comedy series. Animation Domination High-Def late-night programming block from Fox will relaunch on FXX in the new year. New episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. will be joined by new Stone Quackers and reruns of High Sc... [Read More]