May hosts for “Saturday Night Live” anounced including Andy Samberg, who will also host a primtetime shorts special
All of the hosts for May’s run of Saturday Night Live hosts have been announced. In addition to the already announced Andrew Garfield / Coldplay episode on May 3rd, Charlize Theron will host and SNL alum and recent Emmy Award winner, Andy Samberg will return to host for the first time. Samberg... [Read More]
Don Rickels stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to make fun of everyone and it was perfect (video)
Hot on the heels of the announcement that he’ll be the guest of honor of an All-Star Tribute on Spike TV Don Rickels swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live to catch up on with his pal Jimmy. Rickels took the opportunity to do what he always does, and that’s make fun of everyone and everything around... [Read More]
Happy 35th Anniversary to The Blues Brothers
Thirty five years ago this week, it was 1978 and Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi debuted their now iconic characters, The Blues Brothers. Joliet Jake and Elwood appeared in the cold open of SNL, they they were on a mission from God to sing the blues, as they performed the song “Hey Bartender.&rdq... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert tells Letterman, “I’m going to do whatever you’ve done on Late Show” (video)
David Letterman had his successor Stephen Colbert on Late Show last night. It was a nice glimpse of what we’ll see in the years to come as Dave allowed Colbert to run point. Both helping introduce Stephen to the audience and showcasing the camaraderie. Colbert asked for pointers, and in typica... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon Makes John Oliver Relive His Last 'Daily Show' Episode
by Megh Wright Ahead of the premiere of his new HBO show this Sunday, John Oliver dropped by Tonight Show only to be forced to rewatch his very emotional Daily Show goodbye episode. Click through to watch Oliver take Fallon on a journey through all of his defaced NYC billboard ads as well as his "na... [Read More]
Watch Stephen Colbert and David Letterman Have a Chat on 'Late Show'
by Megh Wright Letterman's Late Show successor Stephen Colbert was a guest on the show last night, and the two talked about the time Colbert accidentally landed an internship at the show, much to the dismay of his college girlfriend. Click through to watch Colbert recite a Top 10 list he and his wri... [Read More]
Gabriel Iglesias on The Arsenio Hall Show
Performing on Arsenio was a childhood dream come true for Gabriel Iglesias. Even if the Fluffy Guy is not a kid anymore. He's a man who works on movies for adults (Magic Mike) and kids alike (Planes). Working for Disney is much different than working for Nickelodeon, though. I'll let Iglesias explai... [Read More]
Watch Brian Williams Rap "Gin and Juice" on 'The Tonight Show'
by Megh Wright NBC news anchor Brian Williams was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and Fallon welcomed him back the only way he knows — by mashing up a bunch of his Nightly News clips into a full rap video of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice." 0 Comments... [Read More]
John Oliver and Matt Lauer Talk 'Last Week Tonight'
by Megh Wright Here's a Today Show clip where John Oliver — whose HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver premieres this Sunday — talks with Matt Lauer about the new show, what it's like seeing his face blown up on NYC billboards, and whether or not he'll drop his friendly British Da... [Read More]
Andy Hendrickson on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
You don't have to be training for a marathon to know that a cleanse isn't even as much fun as it sounds. And since Monday is Patriot's Day in Boston, it's a fine time to remember the Boston Tea Party and how much Americans have contributed to tea over the years. Let Andy Hendrickson explain, as he d... [Read More]