Last Comic Standing 9: The Semifinals (Part Two)
We're in the homestretch of episodes that don't have nearly enough time to showcase 21 stand-up comedians in 44 minutes, as this is the second and final semifinal of season nine of NBC's Last Comic Standing. A quick pan across the green room and there's Andi Smith revealing to us she didn't even pac... [Read More]
Wanda Sykes Developing Comedy With Last Comic Standing’s Rod Man
It looks like Wanda Sykes is eyeing a new project for TV and is taking last year’s Last Comic Standing’s winner with her. Reports have revealed that Sykes will be putting together an NBC series with stand-up comedian Rod Man as the lead.  Deadline, confirms the news. NBC is develo... [Read More]
Wanda Sykes teams up with Last Comic Standing winner Rod Man for NBC comedy pilot
Last Comic Standing produces yet another post-experience success. Comedian Rod Man was the winner of last year’s edition of the comedy competition series. He beat out Nikki Carr and Lachlan Patterson in what turned out to be a double-elimination final set. Well his hard work has paid off, not ... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 9: Semifinals (Part One)
We've reached the semifinal stages of Last Comic Standing, which means we have only a couple of hours to get the field of stand-up comedians narrowed down from 41 to our 10 finalists for Season 9. Actually, we only have this hour to cut 15 from 20 to make up the first five finalists for […] [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 8 winner Rod Man lands development deal for NBC sitcom
Just in time. Rod Man, who won the eighth season of Last Comic Standing last summer, has earned himself a deal with NBC to develop his own starring vehicle in a multi-cam sitcom. Yes, the development year for Fall 2016 already begins in full earnest with network pitches heard and bought each Au... [Read More]
‘Last Comic Standing’s Rod Man lands multi-camera half hour series with NBC
The as-yet untitled project, from Universal TV, revolves around a successful comedian (Rod Man) who uproots his wife and daughter from L.A. to his hometown of Villa Rica, GA, to care for his strong-willed mother because, ironically, the stand-up comic is more stable and responsible than his self-important brother and materialistic sister. [Read More]
Here’s some online onscreen time for some of the Top 100 you didn’t see on Last Comic Standing in 2015
If you think Last Comic Standing is too exclusive these past two seasons by only inviting 100 comedians to perform for the judges and a live studio audience, then just imagine how some of those 100 comedians feel when they got left on the cutting-room floor. They looked forward to a screen credit to... [Read More]
Stand-Up: Clayton English Advances On Last Comic Standing
For a new episode of Last Comic Standing, Clayton English out of Atlanta is already showing to be a favorite. For his feature on the show Clayton impressed judges by giving his interaction with Police, and his dis-beleif in drug dogs. As mentioned in the feature Clayton is good friends with former ... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 9: The Invitationals, Part Four (of Four)
"It's the rip-roaring conclusion of the Invitationals." Slow down, voiceover man. "So quit your incessant yapping..." You said it! Now stop saying it! Quit your yapping and let's hear some joke-telling! But not before we hear that primal yelp from Roseanne Barr, one of our judges on Last Comic ... [Read More]
Your 41 semifinalists for Season 9 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing
NBC aired the final round of Last Comic Standing "Invitationals" auditions on Wednesday night, which eventually whittled down the field of stand-up comedians from 100 invitees down to 41 semifinalists still in the running for a $250,000 prize and network development deal. Here are your 41 semifinali... [Read More]