Christine Nangle Brings Back Teresa from ‘Pawnsylvania’ to Ask Jake Tapper for a Super Bowl TV Gig
Remember how great Kroll Show was? Specifically, how great Pawnsylvania was? It’s been a while since we got to hear from Murph, Don, and crew since Kroll Show ended its run in 2015, but thanks to Christine Nangle, we got a bunch of updates today from lifelong Philly resident Teresa, who is ver... [Read More]
From Tunatinis to Broadway and Beyond: Where ‘Oh, Hello’ Might Be Headed
Characters that are such out of control embodiments of id like Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland don’t come along every day. In fact, if they did, you could bet that George and Gil would arrange for them to mysteriously end up in the East River. Even when characters that are this oddly m... [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk, Fred Armisen, and Zach Galifianakis’ 2002 Sketch Show of Your Dreams
Not long ago, media writers were talking about a “sketch boom” with shows like Inside Amy Schumer, Portlandia, Kroll Show, Key & Peele, and the perennial Saturday Night Live along with a handful of others all carving out their own little niches in the media landscape. One of those, T... [Read More]
Sketchy MVPs: Nick Kroll from “Kroll Show”
We all love Amy Schumer, everyone knows how brilliant Key & Peele are, and you’ve watched Will Ferrell’s classic SNL sketches countless of times. But in this weekly column Sketchy MVPs, The Laugh Button shines a light on comedians from our favorites shows and... [Read More]
“Oh, Hello” has its moment as Gil Faizon and George St Geegland draw rave Off-Broadway reviews, big names and hit “Late Night” TV
In this age of "Too Much TV," we're also here in New York City living in the age of Too Much Tuna. Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland are peaking. Their Off-Broadway run at the Cherry Lane Theatre has drawn rave reviews from The New York Times and other comedians, Faizon and Geegland are pranking [&... [Read More]
Highlights From the ‘Oh Hello’ Press Conference
George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon, two aging writer/performers, best known for their work on Comedy Central’s prank-show-within-a-sketch-show Too Much Tuna, made their off-Broadway debut on December 1st at the Cherry Lane Theater. I have not seen the play, nor am I totally clear the name of i... [Read More]
Episode #9: Ron Funches
Ron Funches knows he's a giggly teddy bear, but how much do you know about Ron Funches? Since moving from Portland, Ore., to Los Angeles, Funches has found success as a writer, actor and stand-up comedian, with roles on Comedy Central's Kroll Show, IFC's Portlandia, and now as Shelly -- one of the s... [Read More]
Nick Kroll Runs Through His Favorite 'Kroll Show' Characters on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Nick Kroll's visit to last night's Conan, where he runs through some of his favorite characters from Kroll Show and O'Brien accurately notes that Kroll does many characters where "you just wanna punch their face." Watch Kroll share his one and only celebrity impress... [Read More]
Farley Gets Her Own Makeover Show on Tomorrow Night's 'Kroll Show'
by Megh Wright Here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's brand new episode of Kroll Show, in which Farley (Chelsea Peretti) finally gets her moment in the spotlight when she lands her very own fashion makeover show Look Like Dis. Her first fashion-challenged guest is attorney Ruth Diamond Phillips (Jenny Sl... [Read More]
Check Out 'Kroll Show's 'Cheers' Parody Starring Larry Bird
by Megh Wright Here's a great clip from last night's Kroll Show, which saw the return of Kroll's Larry Bird impression in a bizarre and hilarious Cheers parody called Chairs. I'm not sure what I like more — Seth Rogen as Bird's stoner teammate Bill Walton or the heartwarming, introvert-friendl... [Read More]