Review: Lucas Brothers “On Drugs” on Netflix
I’ll confess. I’ve seen Kenny and Keith Lucas individually and together sporadically over the years, but I never could tell you which was which. And watching their first Netflix special, Lucas Brothers: On Drugs, even off drugs, didn’t fix that for me. As I wrote in my review ... [Read More]
Embracing the Middle with The Lucas Brothers
Keith and Kenny Lucas, aka The Lucas Bros, just dropped a new Netflix special today, fittingly titled On Drugs. The one-hour special is perfectly in line with what fans of the twin stoners have come to know them for: a chilled-out exploration of the brothers’ shared perspective with a nice dos... [Read More]
The Lucas Brothers Talk Shrooms, Weed, and the Police in the ‘On Drugs’ Trailer
The Lucas Bros are headed to Netflix with a new standup special next week. Titled Lucas Brothers: On Drugs — the perfect title for the comedians who once got too high to perform at a 4/20 show — the special was filmed at The Bell House in New York and marks the Bros’ Netflix standu... [Read More]
The Lucas Brothers Got Too Stoned to Perform at Their 4/20 Show Last Night
Colorado weed should be enjoyed responsibly — at least, that’s the lesson Kenny and Keith Lucas AKA the Lucas Brothers learned yesterday. The comedians were scheduled to perform a 4/20 standup show in Denver, but they never made it to the show because they spent the day way too stoned on... [Read More]
The Lucas Brothers on Tonight Show, ‘Space Jam, it’s the greatest movie of all time’
Twins and comedy partners Kenny and Keith Lucas, aka the Lucas Brothers, were the guest comics on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last week. The two perform stand-up together and are the creative minds behind their own animated show Lucas Bros. Moving Co., which was recently picked up by... [Read More]
The Lucas Brothers squabble and quarrel over today’s hot topics, like Crash Bandicoot
Stand-up duo and twins, The Lucas Brothers, are cast members on TruTV’s new sketch show, Friends on the People. FOTP has been releasing videos throughout the week, months ahead of its October 28th network debut. Via Funny Or Die, in this video, Kenny and Keith Lucas intensely debate today&rsqu... [Read More]
First look at TruTV’s new sketch comedy show, “Friends of the People” (video)
Earlier this year TruTV greenlit its first sketch comedy show, Friends of the People. With the cast being made up from many of the comedians and writers from the defunct In Living Color reboot. While the debut season of the show doesn’t premiere until this fall, a first look at the sketch show... [Read More]
Talking to the Lucas Brothers About Their New Fox ADHD Show
by Phil Davidson The Lucas Brothers are your typical law school dropout, wrestling nerd, identical twin brother standup duo. You know. They also happen to be very funny. After a strong debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon two years ago, the Brooklyn-based Lucas Brothers (Keith and Kenny) have offic... [Read More]