No, Amy Schumer didn’t steal Patrice O’Neal’s jokes
Man oh man, the internet loves a great yarn. So quick to pick up on a story that’s potentially controversial and run with it like it’s gospel. That very thing happened to Amy Schumer this afternoon when a video clip surfaced that shows her performing her closing bit from her HBO special,... [Read More]
Episode #11: Andy Kindler
Andy Kindler becomes the ultimate "comic's comic" each July when he delivers the annual State of the Industry Address at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. Essentially, it's Kindler reminding the comedy industry what comedy is all about. It's a must-see event each summer. And it all gr... [Read More]
This week in comedy: we did it Just for Laughs
Just For Laughs Montreal is awesome for going out of its way to support rising talent, so we went out of our way to spend some time there this week. After the festival revealed its hotly anticipated New Faces of Comedy roster this week, Dana Gould gave the festival’s keynote speech, and w... [Read More]
Just For Laughs 2015: Listen to full audio of Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry Address 2015
The time honored tradition known as The State of the Industry Address has been delivered once again by the man responsible for its very existence. Andy Kindler took to the stage in the Grand Salon Opera room at the Hyatt in downtown Montreal to deliver his yearly speech of self deprecation while tak... [Read More]
First impressions: 2015 New Faces of Comedy, Characters
Don't know how you feel yet about self-fulfilling prophecies, but it certainly seems as though Montreal's Just For Laughs successfully read "The Secret" when it comes to its New Faces Characters showcase. JFL created the Characters showcase a few years ago with boasts that you might find the next Sa... [Read More]
Andy Kindler’s State of the Comedy Industry 2015 at Just For Laughs Montreal
With a profile this week in The New York Times, do you think Andy Kindler might mention it in today's State of the Industry address at Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival? Do you think? What do you think. You're here reading this, so you know the answer. "I was profiled in The New York Times ... [Read More]
The Goddamn Comedy Jam hits Just For Laughs with full force
One of the shows I was most looking forward to up in Montreal this year was the Goddamn Comedy Jam. I was fortunate enough to see the show during my last trip out to Los Angeles and curious to see how the show and vibe would translate when not in the comforts of its home cou... [Read More]
First impressions: 2015 New Faces of Comedy, Unrepped
There may have been stronger individual stand-ups to emerge out of Montreal's New Faces showcases in years past, but as an overall class, 2015's crop of comedians has proven themselves already as one of the strongest, most unique and full-of-potential groups in years. Here are my first impressions o... [Read More]
Dana Gould’s Just For Laughs Keynote Address of 2015: “You’re Doing It Now”
Dana Gould began his stand-up comedy career at the age of 17, a mere 11 days after graduating from high school, "or as Comedy Central would say, nearly retired." Cut to today, and Gould, delivering the 2015 Keynote Address for Montreal's Just For Laughs, says at his age: "By Comedy Central... [Read More]