Deranged Billionaire John Hodgman Says Goodbye to 'The Daily Show'
by Megh Wright After almost ten years, The Daily Show's resident billionaire John Hodgman made his final appearance on the show last night before he retires to a high-profile gated community on Mars. If you try to make sense of Hodgman's journey, don't waste your time: "I wouldn't think about it too... [Read More]
Jon Stewart announces Daily Show departure date. Win tickets to final taping (Video)
Jon Stewart announced that the end of his historic reign at Comedy Central will end on Aug. 6. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart loses its iconic host after 16 years behind the satirical-news desk. Stewart annonuced his retirement back in February to the shock and surprise of his fans. He told vi... [Read More]
Jon Stewart's Final 'Daily Show' Episode Is Thursday, August 6th
by Megh Wright Jon Stewart announced some very important news during last night's Daily Show: His final episode before new host Trevor Noah takes over is Thursday, August 6th. Check out the full announcement above, then head over to The Daily Show's Omaze page to find out how you can enter a chance ... [Read More]
Jon Stewart announces he’ll stop hosting The Daily Show after Aug. 6, 2015
Mark your calendars: Aug. 6, 2015, will end Jon Stewart's mighty reign as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Stewart announced his final date at the close of Monday's episode. Roll the clip! Stewart had told Catie Lazarus two months ago that he wanted to leave the show while he still was at ... [Read More]
Jon Stewart’s last day as host of The Daily Show will be August 6th
We’ve known for a while now that Jon Stewart was ending his run as host of The Daily Show. But until this moment, the comedian’s timeline of departure wasn’t completely known, until tonight. As he signed off of Monday’s ep of The Daily Show, Stewart made the announcement as p... [Read More]
Jon Stewart Explains Why He's Leaving 'The Daily Show'
by Megh Wright A little over two months after Jon Stewart announced he's leaving The Daily Show this year, The Guardian has a new interview out with Stewart that reveals why he decided to leave his 16-year late night post and his thoughts on the show's future. Here's what Stewart said when asked why... [Read More]
Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee Hand Out the 2015 'Mercun Award on 'The Daily Show'
by Megh Wright A lot of dumb news stories have happened so far in 2015, so during last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart welcomed correspondents Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee to hand out the 2015 'Mercun Award, which The Daily Show bestows upon one US news story that best encompasses the "true ess... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper Investigates Christianity's "Super Super Super Dope" Future
by Megh Wright Last night on The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper took a closer look at the future of Christianity by interviewing two pastors — the super cool, Grand Theft Auto-playing Pastor Carl Lentz and the very less cool Reverend Dr. Christopher J. Benek — to find out more. For Lentz, th... [Read More]
Bassem Youssef Stops by 'The Daily Show' to Explain the Middle East Proxy Wars
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from "Egypt's Jon Stewart" Bassem Youssef's appearance on last night's Daily Show, where he expresses a little disappointment in not being considered for Trevor Noah's recent promotion and explains the complicated proxy wars in the Middle East using a metaphor Americans ... [Read More]
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, boldly going where few comedy journalists dared to go before
When David Letterman announced that he was retiring last year, he inadvertently put in motion a shift of seismic proportions within the silver screen’s satirical realm. The first one was an unexpected blow to many (whose hearts shattered in unison at the news) and it occurred when Stephen Colb... [Read More]