Off-Broadway review: Colin Quinn, “The New York Story”
A summer heat wave seems almost too perfect a time to experience New York City through Colin Quinn's eyes. You think this is something?! Shoulda been here for the Summer of Sam. Quinn was. Then again, you could pick any season and Quinn would find a way to put it all into perspective as how much thi... [Read More]
Andy Kindler’s State of the Comedy Industry 2015 at Just For Laughs Montreal
With a profile this week in The New York Times, do you think Andy Kindler might mention it in today's State of the Industry address at Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival? Do you think? What do you think. You're here reading this, so you know the answer. "I was profiled in The New York Times ... [Read More]
Andy, did you hear about this one? 5 songs inspired by comedians
There’s an old saying that every comedian wants to be a rock star, and every rock star wants to be a comedian. Comedy and music have always had a close relationship, from shared work hours to the desire to entertain. While comedians from George Carlin to Hannibal Buress have great bits about b... [Read More]
Watch a Sneak Peek of the ‘Comedians in Cars’ Season 6 Finale with Stephen Colbert
Jerry Seinfeld’s Crackle web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee airs its season 6 finale this week, and Seinfeld saved a very special guest for last: Stephen T. Colbert. The full episode is available on Crackle this Wednesday at 11:30pm, and if you’re sad to see the end of another C... [Read More]
When Jerry Seinfeld and ‘Spy’ Magazine Teamed Up to Mock Celebrities, ’90s Style
Jerry Seinfeld has been a ubiquitous cultural figure for so long that it can be easy to forget that he was once just a hip New York comic whose sharp yet clean style of observational humor made him a favorite for talk show and comedy club bookers. It’s particularly difficult to imagine Seinfel... [Read More]
Every Episode of ‘Seinfeld’ Is Now on Hulu
If you’re in the mood for a Seinfeld binge, Hulu has done you a solid by adding every episode of the series to its streaming lineup. The episodes were posted at midnight last night on the Seinfeld Hulu page, and to celebrate, Hulu is also hosting a pop-up exhibit in New York that’s an ex... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Carrey Discuss Orange Juice Pulp Varieties in This ‘Comedians in Cars’ Sneak Peek
Here’s a sneak peek of the latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which debuts on Crackle this Wednesday at 11:30pm. Featuring Jim Carrey and a super fancy 1976 Lamborghini, the episode is sure to include lots of debate over the most important comedy-related topic ever: orange jui... [Read More]
Fans will be able to hang out in Jerry Seinfeld’s NYC apartment thanks to Hulu
A few weeks back we reported that Hulu struck a really large deal to bring all nine seasons of Seinfeld to its streaming service for an estimated $180 million dollar payday. The launch of those episodes are rapidly approaching on June 24th, and Hulu has ramped up the promotional machine. One of the ... [Read More]
Colin Quinn returns to the stage this summer with new one man show, “The New York Story”
Last night Colin Quinn swung by The Daily Show to plug his new book about race relations. Quinn and Stewart were their usual jovial selves and the topic of Quinn’s one man show surfaced. Quinn revealed news that he intended to return to the stage this summer with a new show, Colin Quinn The Ne... [Read More]