King T’Challa showed up on Black Jeopardy on “Saturday Night Live”
Chadwick Boseman, hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. As expected there would be more than a passing reference to his… MORE King T’Challa showed up on Black Jeopardy on “Saturday Night Live” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Alex Trebek was tricked into saying Turd Ferguson on an episode of Jeopardy! all is right with the world
Sometimes the stars align in such a perfect way that somewhere, somehow, faith in the comedy gods is restored and the world spins a bit better. If you aren’t up to date on Saturday Night Live’s Celebrity Jeopardy sketch, 1) where have you been living for the last 20 years or so and 2) yo... [Read More]
Take a 360° look at Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary show
Woah, just when you thought season 40 of Saturday Night Live was in the books, they revealed something extra special and cool for fans that missed out on the chance to be in the studio audience for the star studded SNL 40. And that is a 360° view of two sketches from the night including [&hellip... [Read More]
Read Norm Macdonald's Fascinating Recap of "Celebrity Jeopardy" and #SNL40
by Megh Wright Norm Macdonald took to Twitter last night to look back on his experience working for the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, and the whole thing is a must-read for SNL fans who are interested to learn about how the special came together, the history of the "Celebrity Jeopard... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald recalls the week of making SNL40 happen, and the Eddie Murphy performance that almost happened
Norm Macdonald is as straight a shooter of one-liners and longer punchline-laden jokes as there has ever been in stand-up comedy. It made his tenure as Weekend Update anchor stand out so much he was the only one fired from his Saturday Night Live gig midseason. It has made his stand-up specials memo... [Read More]
'SNL 40' Review: The Stars Come Home
by Erik Voss After 40 years, Saturday Night Live may be the only remaining "watercooler comedy" that everyone still has something to say about. Whether it's "The first five years were the best," or "Bring back Victoria Jackson!" (just kidding, no one says that), we all have our ... [Read More]
Celebrity Jeopardy (and Turd Ferguson) gloriously return to #SNL40
Celebrity Jeopardy is hands down one of our favorite sketches from Saturday Night Live. Will Ferrell, often the wacky one, gets to play the straight man and host such insane characters. Tonight on SNL40 they revived the sketch with Ferrell and cross generationaly brought in popular characters from d... [Read More]
Don Pardo, longtime “Saturday Night Live” Announcer, dead at 96
The voice of Saturday Night Live has died. Dominick “Don” Pardo, longtime radio and TV announcer has left us. Pardo was best known as the voice of Saturday Night Live, reading off the names of the cast members at the top of the show on all but one season. Pardo was 96. Amid rumors this [... [Read More]
Who is Ari Voukydis? Final Jeopardy answer winner for the ages
There's a classic episode of Cheers in which U.S. Postal Service employee Cliff Clavin finally finds the opportunity to make the most of his trivial knowledge as a contestant on Jeopardy!, only to blow it all up by giving what he feels is a correct question to a vague answer clue. Remember to give y... [Read More]