J Chris Newberg on The Arsenio Hall Show
J Chris Newberg has a guitar, and he will use it. He's not just messing with you. Oh, he'll let you know when he's messing with you -- and give you helpful tips in case you encounter a bouncer or a police officer and want to, well, mess around. Here is Newberg on Wednesday's Arsenio. Roll the clip. ... [Read More]
J. Chris Newberg owns Piers Morgan in surprise live televised roast on America’s Got Talent 2011
On Tuesday night's "wild card" round of America's Got Talent for 2011, comedian J. Chris Newberg decided to scrap the guitar and went with his gut, and his gut told him to surprise judge Piers Morgan with a live roast of Piers Morgan! [Read More]
Laughspin analysis: When is it ok to laugh at dark comedy?
What then, exactly qualifies as “wrong” or “dark” comedy? What is appealing about dark comedy? Is it really wrong to laugh at touchy subjects like politics, religion, race– even rape? As everyone brings their own perspective to watching comedy, obviously there’s no single answer. [Read More]
Watch musical comedian J. Chris Newberg win over “America’s Got Talent” audience
America’s Got Talent reminds me of a coliseum in Ancient Rome, where the entire bloodthirsty audience was in attendance to see some grisly death by tiger or rhinoceros or whatever other beast happened to live in Italy at the time. They’re out for blood, not for a solid performance by a gladiator. With that in mind, J. Chris Newberg’s stand-up-and-musical performance on the program last night is doubly impressive. [Read More]