The Young Standup: Brandon Wardell on Drake, Bob Odenkirk, and Taking the Unexpected Path
by Kaitlynn E-A Smith At 22 he may be young, but he looks even younger. With a recent move to Los Angeles from his native DC, Brandon Wardell's notoriety in the comedy scene is growing. He was included as the opening act of Bob Odenkirk's latest album Amateur Hour and even featured on the album's co... [Read More]
Kenny vs Spenny: Catching up with the groundbreaking Canadian comedy duo (Interview)
Everyone has a show that changes their life, for some it may be Saturday Night Live or The Carol Burnett Show, but for me that show was Kenny Vs. Spenny. While the show had a brief run in America on Comedy Central, in part because they were never given a permanent time slot and were subsequently bur... [Read More]
The Secret Society of John Hodgman
by Monique Madrid John Hodgman, comedian, author and generally knower-of-all-things, has a live comedy show that you probably have never heard of, because by design it is a secret. A Secret Society that is. Members meet in the basement of Union Hall in Brooklyn and are sworn to secrecy about the com... [Read More]
Dan Soder and the Importance of Originality
by Jessica Pilot Dan Soder’s comedy career began in small town Tucson, Arizona in 2004. “I did a joke about homeless people in Tucson, like the stock joke for beginning comedians. You notice homeless people and you’re like ‘No one’s really dove into this in the US.&rsqu... [Read More]
The Weasel Grows Up
by Isaac Kozell The late 80s and early 90s were good to Pauly Shore. The Weasel — an alter ego born out of Shore's standup — became, for a time, more than just a character. The Weasel was a living, breathing thing whose mannerisms and catchphrases, like it or not, infiltrated the fabric ... [Read More]
Captive Audience: Meet the Protester Who Did Standup in Jail
by Christian Borys Most people will go their entire lives without knowing the simple joy of telling jokes in front of an audience and pretty much no one on earth but Evan Jones will ever understand what it’s like to do standup comedy in a concrete cell surrounded by steel bars. Last week, whil... [Read More]
[Sponsored] Q&A with Show Me the Funny’s Peter Desberg & Jeffrey Davis
About the Interviewees: Peter Desberg and Jeffrey Davis provide readers with a unique glimpse into the intelligent and quirky inner workings of the comedic mind with their new video based on the book Show Me the Funny! At the Writers Table with Hollywood’s Top Comedy Writers now streaming on V... [Read More]
Strapped In, Helmet On: Tom Scharpling Talks the New 'Best Show'
by Greg Hunter The last thing listeners heard during the final episode of The Best Show on WFMU was Black Flag’s “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” — a sign-off but not exactly a goodbye. For several months, fans of the program wondered what host Tom Scharpling would do next. The answer ... [Read More]
Bears & Balls: Writing the book on The Colbert Report
With only eight shows left, "Stephen Colbert" is going out with a bang on Comedy Central these next two weeks, starting tonight with a field trip to Washington, D.C., to sit down with President Barack Obama. It's been a long, strange, wonderful trip with The Colbert Report. And we're all going to mi... [Read More]
The Secret to Bill Burr's Success
by Philip Stamato Bill Burr was never an overnight sensation. It happened gradually. He's a comedian who has been so consistently hilarious, so consistently impassioned about his jokes, and so consistently on edge that after two decades, hardly anybody can remember a time when they didn't know Bill ... [Read More]