Jen Kirkman: The Laughspin Interview (or Proof of why Jen Kirkman is the Shit)
Chatting one-on-one with Jen Kirkman is a little bit like breaking into the Museum of Natural History after hours. It’s an act that manages to be both nerdy and rebellious, where one could simply wander unsupervised through the halls, soaking up every ounce of information while giggling openly... [Read More]
David Cross on Kickstarter, Millennials, and His Directorial Debut 'Hits'
by Megh Wright 2015 is off to a great start for David Cross. Not long after launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution costs for his new film Hits, the project met its $100,000 goal with eight days to spare, ensuring that the film will premiere in at least 35 markets across the US next mo... [Read More]
Fred Armisen on the Evolution of 'Portlandia,' 'SNL,' and American Accents
by Megh Wright Portlandia's fifth season premiered on IFC earlier this month, and for longtime fans of the show, the newest crop of episodes have been the perfect culmination of four years' worth of exploring the many characters, small businesses, and human idiosyncracies in the magical world of Por... [Read More]
The Post-'SNL' Life of Brooks Wheelan
by Phil Davidson Look at it this way: if Brooks Wheelan didn’t get fired from SNL, he might not have recorded his hilarious new debut standup album. Not many comedians have parlayed a TV show dismissal into standup success as quickly as Wheelan, an accomplished standup comic who was let go las... [Read More]
Jen Kirkman on Accepting Career Opportunities and Life's Changes
by Kaitlynn E-A Smith You may know Jen Kirkman as a standup comedian, as a writer and panelist on Chelsea Lately or from drinking wine and retelling historical events on Drunk History. Her acts are personal, and don't contain pop culture references that could date the material. Her book, I Can Barel... [Read More]
On Five Seasons of Buttholes with the 'Workaholics' Guys
by Phil Davidson Five seasons in, and there’s still no shortage of butthole jokes on Workaholics. You have to respect that commitment. Whereas some comedies will shift gears over time and bring on new characters or other developments, Workaholics keeps it real. Week after week viewers are trea... [Read More]
Dane Cook’s Troublemaker evolution and how the Brady Bunch changed his life (Exclusive)
The premiere of Dane Cook’s newest comedy special Troublemaker on Comedy Central this Sunday at 10 pm ET isn’t just a representation of the veteran comedian’s evolution. It’s a homecoming of sorts. Comedy Central, after all, gave Dane his first few high-profile breaks. There ... [Read More]
Dane Cook on making a new comedy BFF in Jerry Lewis and advice in a post-Troublemaker career
Dane Cook has a new manager now but a very old iconic mentor in his comedy life, although Cook has never been known as quite the troublemaker as Jerry Lewis has been over the decades. That’s not why Cook’s latest stand-up special, “Troublemaker,” which premieres on Comedy Cen... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane raps about his new stuff in Comedy Central special, “I Liked His Old Stuff Better”
Kyle Kinane is trying to help his feature act, “my friend Shane Torres, who’s driving the Mazda 2 Snatchback,” find their way to their gig Thursday night in Hamden, Conn., as Kinane also is on the phone to speak with The Comic’s Comic. It’s that kind of multi-tasking th... [Read More]
Iliza Shlesinger and the Contradictions of 'Freezing Hot'
by Monique Madrid Iliza Shlesinger is about as confident, bold and honest of any comedian as they come. She knows who she is and what she wants to talk about. Oh and did I mention she’s hilarious? No surprise, then, that after her first huge hit special War Paint, Netflix asked her to do a fol... [Read More]