Episode #129: Nina Conti
Nina Conti is the only child of actors – her father, Tom, is a Tony Award winner and Oscar nominee. As for Nina, she began her career as an actress at the Royal Shakespeare Company before her mentor Ken Campbell convinced her to become a ventriloquist. Nina won the BBC New Comedy Award in 2002... [Read More]
They’re running for president: Yes, and? Chris Gethard finds room for improv-ment among GOP candidates
Friend of the site Katla McGlynn took an Improv 101 comedy class from Chris Gethard a decade ago at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Last night, McGlynn asked Gethard to watch the first of what will prove to be far too many debates among the Republican presidential candidates to winnow the GOP ... [Read More]
How Improv Helps Television's Best Comedy Writers
by Megh Wright The best comedy lives in the moment, and improvisation is as in-the-moment as it gets. Improv proves you can create great comedy on the spot by listening, taking big chances, and working alongside a team, which is probably why the writing staffs of most television comedies today count... [Read More]
That Metal Show’s Jim Florentine stars in ‘On the Couch’ web series as therapist (Video)
Ever since Dr. Katz went on semi-permanent “mental health” vacation, America has yearned for an equally as capable funny “physician” to see to our comedy needs. Enter That Metal Show‘s Jim Florentine, whose new web series, On the Couch with Jim Florentine, is primed to ... [Read More]
Remembering Robin Williams
You want to be able to quote his inspirational movie lines back to him, to step on a desk and shout to him, "O Captain! My Captain!" You want to be able to hug him close and tight and never let go, telling him, "It's not your fault." And then you want to throw him the curve, twirl him around and sho... [Read More]
Matt Walsh raises money for “A Better You,” talks about the funny freedom of improvised movies
Everything is connected by pizza. Or karma. Mostly karma. No matter what you believe in the nature of coincidences, karma and pizza, believe this: Matt Walsh brought his new improvised comedy film, A Better You, to Indiegogo and not Kickstarter or anywhere else for help crowd-sourcing his ... [Read More]
Interview: Rory Scovel on “the courage to fail” in comedy
In a digital age, what are the odds that a stand-up comedian would release a new album and keep it that way? Rory Scovel's new Live at Third Man Records came out over the holidays in vinyl. And only vinyl. It's an old-school 12-inch LP record, and several times over the course of the recording, Scov... [Read More]
RIOT LA, Improv4Humans & More With Matt Besser
I recently had the chance to sit down with one Mr. Matt Besser: master improviser and terrific human. He will be performing Improv4Humans at this year’s Riot Fest with Andy […]Author informationLisa LauretaContributor Lisa Laureta is a Los Angeles based comic, writer and actress. Videos... [Read More]
“I Do Improv,” by Hard Left Productions
Need a fun little ditty about improv comedy that anyone can enjoy, whether you love improvising, hate improvisers, or hate to love loving to hate all of the above! Roll it. From Hard Left Productions, straight out of Boston. Lyrics by Robert Woo. Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along... I d... [Read More]