There’s an Apple Patent for that: This technology could stop audience members from hijacking video from live comedy shows
What if stand-up comedians -- or any performers -- no longer had to worry about audience members surreptitiously recording their sets and then putting them on blast online? That's the aim of a new patent Apple has secured from the U.S. Patent Office. Filed in September 2014 and approved June 28, 201... [Read More]
Owen Smith shot his 2015 stand-up special using just 10 iPhones: “Good Luck Everybody”
Owen Smith bought 10 iPhones, filmed a stand-up hour with them, and then returned the phones the next day at the Apple Store. True story. "The best iPhone comedy special of all time," according to Chris Rock in a testimonial quote on Smith's page. Also the first iPhone comedy special, as far as we k... [Read More]