What’s the deal with Seinfeld and Hulu?
Hulu has bought the digital streaming rights to the oft-quoted NBC comedy Seinfeld. The video streaming service must have been tired of seeing competitor Netflix constantly in the headlines and cut a deal with Sony Pictures TV for all 180 episodes of the sitcom for nearly $180 million. Hulu announce... [Read More]
Canceled ABC Comedy 'Selfie' Is Heading to Hulu
by Megh Wright While ABC's new comedy Cristela just got a full season order, the recently canceled Selfie has found a home to air its remaining episodes. According to THR, Selfie's six unaired episodes will stream on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and ABC.com. The first unaired episode (and eighth overall) "Traum... [Read More]
James Franco’s “SNL” documentary to be released Friday on Hulu Plus
As is James Franco doesn’t do enough, the actor filmed a documentary about iconic television mainstay Saturday Night Live. Franco announced via Instagram (clearly his favorite platform), that the documentary would be made available on Hulu Plus this Friday, September 26th. This is perfect timi... [Read More]
James Franco's 'SNL' Documentary Is Available This Friday on Hulu Plus
by Megh Wright The SNL documentary James Franco filmed way back in 2008 will finally be available to view this week. Franco shared the news on Instagram last night that the documentary, called Saturday Night, has found a home on Hulu Plus and will be released this Friday. The documentary — whi... [Read More]
Party Down with Hulu: Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, Ken Marino and more headed to popular streaming service
Third-place online streaming service Hulu continues to make monstrous moves in order to attract subscribers to its premium streaming service Hulu Plus. In its latest spending grab, Hulu Plus has obtained exclusive streaming rights to defunct Starz comedy series Party Down. The cult comedy lasted two... [Read More]
Comedy Dynamics offers vast comedy library on Hulu featuring Jim Norton, Whitney Cummings, DL Hughley and many more (Sponsored video)
Comedian and frequent Time magazine contributor Jim Norton gets really awkward in social situations. But that’s partly because other people are obnoxious and awkward, too. Norton’s superb 2013 stand-up special Please Be Offended talks about the people in life who are way too sensitive an... [Read More]
Hulu Plus launching comedy channel from Comedy Dynamics
Comedy Dynamics, owner of New Wave Entertainment, that name you see on a title card before many of your favorite Netflix stand-up comedy specials, is launching its own comedy channel on Hulu and Hulu Plus beginning July 29. The channel will offer stand-up specials and behind-the-scenes footage from ... [Read More]
Hulu Plus snags South Park, all 244 episodes now available to stream: Watch a full episode now!
Small but determined Hulu just made a monstrous move to attract subscribers by landing an exclusive streaming deal with the creators of Comedy Central’s South Park. All 244 episodes of South Park are now available for free on Hulu– and only on Hulu. As part of the arrangement, Comedy Cen... [Read More]
Every Season of 'South Park' Is Coming to Hulu Plus
by Megh Wright Good news for South Park fans but bad news for those without Hulu Plus: At the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, Hulu announced that it's made a pact with Trey Parker and Matt Stone to stream the entire South Park library on Hulu Plus. All 17 seasons will be avail... [Read More]