HBO will wrap up Stephen Merchant’s “Hello Ladies” with “Hello Ladies: The Movie”
If you thought that Stephen Merchant's Hello Ladies said goodbye already back in 2013, then you've got a second coming coming. HBO will wrap up the show's initial eight-episode storyline with an 80-minute Hello Ladies: The Movie, that debuts Nov. 22 on the cable channel and wherever your HBOGo ... [Read More]
Maybe See TV? The week in pilots, script commitments and development deals (Oct. 30, 2014)
You'll hear a lot in the trades and the trade winds from now through pilot season, which starts in earnest in January, all the way up to the cable Upfronts in the spring and the broadcast network Upfronts in May -- when TV programmers present their new and returning lineups to impress and attract ad... [Read More]
Kyra Sedgwick to Star in an HBO Comedy About a Disillusioned Nun
by Megh Wright While Amy Poehler is developing an NBC comedy about an agnostic woman who inherits a church, Entertainment Weekly reports that Kyra Sedgwick is going the opposite route. Sedgwick has partnered with The New Adventures of Old Christine creator Kari Lizer to create and star in a half-hou... [Read More]
Treat Yourself to the First Trailer for Tommy Wiseau's New Sitcom 'The Neighbors'
by Megh Wright Back in July, Tommy Wiseau released a teaser for his long in-the-works sitcom The Neighbors, and he recently added the first full length trailer as well as a list of screenings in November and December. This trailer alone is full of carefully crafted lines we will no doubt quote for c... [Read More]
John Oliver asks food manafacturers to “Show us your peanuts”
Last Week Tonight returned yesterday just in time for a special Halloween-related segment. After exposing today’s hottest “sexy” costumes (including Sexy John Oliver and Sexy Louis CK), John Oliver explores the dangers in America’s obsession with candy and sugar. According to... [Read More]
John Oliver Proposes a New Way to Measure Sugar in Food on 'Last Week Tonight'
by Megh Wright In honor of Halloween, last night on Last Week Tonight John Oliver devoted over 10 minutes to exploring the deceiving world of the sugar industry and the fact that every American eats "Michael Cera's weight in sugar every year." The FDA is currently trying to get an "Added Sugars" cat... [Read More]
Lisa Kudrow Returns as Valerie Cherish in HBO's 'The Comeback' Trailer
by Megh Wright 2005 cult hit The Comeback is returning for a limited six-episode run next month, and HBO just released the first trailer. The show's return is being treated as a "standalone event series" but might get a full season renewal if the episodes do well, so the true future of The Comeback ... [Read More]
Watch the full trailer for HBO’s “The Comeback”
After an initial short stint, The Comeback is… coming back to HBO. Lisa Kudrow stars in the sitcom that follows D-list celebrity Valerie Cherish as she attempts to climb back into the spotlight. After a few teasers, HBO finally revealed the first full trailer for the series’ return. The... [Read More]
‘Last Week Tonight’ creates an all-dog Supreme Court
John Oliver returned with Last Week Tonight this Sunday on HBO. While the Supreme Court doesn’t allow cameras into the court room, they do provide audio from their proceedings for the media to use. The problem is is that these audio clips with no good visuals are just too boring. Enter Oliver.... [Read More]
'Last Week Tonight' Created an All-Animal Supreme Court Reenactment Tool Kit
by Megh Wright During last night's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver and crew created a solution for the longstanding rule against cameras in the Supreme Court by making an impressive 10-minute clip of an all-animal Court without audio. Check out the full clip below, then sync it up with your favorite ... [Read More]