Will Ferrell delivers the USC commencement for Class of 2017
Will Ferrell, a 1990 graduate of the University of Southern California, returned to USC today to deliver the commencement address to the class of 2017. What has he learned in the past 27 years since college? “After my first show [on Saturday Night Live], one review referred to me as ‘the... [Read More]
Watch Will Ferrell’s 2017 USC Commencement Address: “Trust Your Gut”
Graduation season has arrived, and today at the University of Southern California, the graduates were treated to an extra special commencement address by USC alum Will Ferrell, who also received an honorary degree from the school and can now say he’s a Doctor of Humane Letters. In the address,... [Read More]
Colorado Valedictorian Evan Young Gives His Banned Graduation Speech on ‘The Nightly Show’
A high school valedictorian in Colorado named Evan Young was recently banned from giving his graduation speech because he refused to edit out the part at the end where he came out to his entire school, but thankfully The Nightly Show stepped in to save the day by flying Young out to the studio and [... [Read More]
Girl Wears Wrong Shoes To High School Graduation! Video Of Her Long Fall In Heels Goes Viral
A senior at Mansfield High School in Lousiana learned the hard way that she wore the wrong shoes to graduation. The girl took an epic fall in her heels after receiving her diploma, and the video is quickly going viral. The video begins with the unidentified graduate strutting down the high school tr... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald delivers inspirational graduation speech in Funny Or Die video
Norm Macdonald has made no secret of his desire to take over Craig Ferguson’s spot on CBS as the host of the Late Late Show. The former Saturday Night Live anchor of Weekend Update — arguably the best one, at that — has been re-tweeting to his 424,000 followers his fans’ mess... [Read More]
Norm MacDonald offers up the best advice for the graduating class of 2014
It’s that time of year where many clips of famous people giving commencement speeches hit the web. Some are extremely entertaining and inspiring, while some aren’t fun at all. Norm MacDonald decided to lampoon these speeches in the latest clip from Funny Or Die where he takes the 2:21 of... [Read More]
Workaholics star Anders Holm delivers college graduation speech (Video)
Graduation season has come and gone, which means commencement speeches have been cropping up all over the Internet. There were the politicians, the academicians, the authors and the entertainers, most of whom opened the grab bag of motivational clich... [Read More]
Watch Steve Carell’s Princeton graduation speech
Former Office head honcho Steve Carell delivered the Class Day keynote speech to Princeton’s graduating class of 2012 this weekend, offering a few bits of random wisdom: “Remember that the words ‘regime’ and ‘regimen’ are not interchangeable. When yo... [Read More]
Steve Carell will speak at Princeton’s graduation ceremonies
Oh, those crazy (and lucky) Ivy Leaguers. Comedy giant Steve Carell has been selected as Princeton’s keynote speaker for their graduation proceedings this Spring. Specifically, the former Office and Daily Show star and current movie star will be add... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert delivers Northwestern University graduation speech
Stephen Colbert has become the newest professional funny person to deliver a commencement address this graduation season. He’s preceded by the likes of Conan O’Brien, Amy Poehler and Fred Armisen. It all went down earlier today at Chicago... [Read More]