Seeso announces summer premieres for new shows from the Sklar Brothers, Paul Reiser and more
Thanks to digital networks, summer break doesn’t mean tons of reruns anymore – and this summer, Seeso’s got you covered,… MORE Seeso announces summer premieres for new shows from the Sklar Brothers, Paul Reiser and more appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
James Corden and Reggie Watts Hunt for Ghosts at CBS Television City
Just in time for Halloween, James Corden debuted a segment during last night’s Late Late Show where he and Reggie Watts meet up with the Ghost Adventures guys to perform a paranormal investigation of CBS Television City. Thanks to the paranormal investigators’ fancy equipment, Corden and... [Read More]
Remembering Donald Trump’s Sex Comedy Debut in the Afterlife-Themed ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’
At the sub-Vaudevillian freak show that was the recent Republican debate, freak-in-the-lead Donald Trump was introduced as a “businessman.” That is technically accurate. As Trump has established to a nauseating degree over the past thirty years, his “art” is the art of the de... [Read More]
How the Other Half "Lives," by Ryan Patricks
by Brian Boone, Editor Adjusting to ghost life isn't easy. The first couple of weeks of being dead are definitely the hardest. Being a ghost is something you have to ease into, like a cold pool, or anal, or anal in a cold pool. Warning: That last one is super difficult. Do not try at home. At first,... [Read More]
Family Meeting About Jason, Who is Back From the Dead, by Matthew Johnson
by Brian Boone, Editor Hello everyone. I'm glad we were all able to make some time in our busy schedules for this family meeting. Are we all comfortable? Did you get a sample of the new baked macaroni that we are going to be taste-testing for dinner Tuesday and Thursday this week? Your sister, ... [Read More]
I Apologize For Your Negative Hotel Experience, by Jon Wolper
by Brian Boone, Editor Dear Ms. Winters, Thank you for your letter. Hopefully I can help resolve some of the issues you experienced while staying at our hotel. As you wrote, your troubles began at night, when you found that our ice machine was empty. Our apologies. We try to run a tight ship, but so... [Read More]
Best Of 2013: The 10 Best Comic Books Of The Year
In the history of humankind, there have been many vital artistic revolutions. Wait, did I say “many”? I meant one: Comical books. Comics are simply the greatest medium known to […]Author informationJimmy CallawayAuthor at Serial OptimistJimmy Callaway lives in San Diego. He works ... [Read More]
Hulu gives green light to new comedy show, ‘Deadbeat’
Hulu has officially ordered up ten episodes of an all-new supernatural comedy series, Deadbeat. Deadline reports that the show will take place in New York and it will be about a medium that attempts to help ghosts complete any unfinished business they left behind. Cody Heller and Brett Konner (Wilfr... [Read More]