Did supposedly “racist” comedy segment need to be pulled from Fox-owned Fuel TV?
In another instance of political correctness in comedy being taken way too far, Fuel TV had to pull a sports segment due to offending the Asian American community. Comedian Bob Oschack went out as a “man on the street” to interview Asian ... [Read More]
From Twitter to TV: Enter Rob Delaney’s Twit Lounge on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit”
You kids with the satellite TV systems (or the Verizon FiOS plan) know all about Fuel TV and its late-night show, The Daily Habit. But do you know this: After experimenting with multiple comedians at a time reading their best and favorite Tweets back... [Read More]
Jay Mohr brings dude-centric debate show “Master Debaters” to Fuel TV
Hey, Dudes. Get on the couch, scratch your balls, eat something fried and get ready for your very own television debate show! Fuel TV announced today that comedian and actor Jay Mohr will host a new project called Master Debaters with Jay Mohr. [Read More]
Comedian Chris Fairbanks popping Fuel TV’s stand-up comedy cherry
Extreme sports and adrenaline junkie network Fuel TV is dipping its piggies into the warm waters of stand-up comedy– and rising comedian Chris Fairbanks has been chosen to bring forth the new era. To that end, Fairbanks will tape his first stan... [Read More]