Jessica Williams puts Fox News through the Jay-Z treatment
Fox News can never seem to keep their foot out of their mouth. Recently, Sean Hannity referred to rapper Jay-Z as a “former crack dealer” in a recent segment. He really couldn’t let it go.  It seems Fox News has a new rule, everyone must be labeled by the worst thing they&rsqu... [Read More]
Jessica Williams Gives Fox News Contributors the Jay-Z Treatment on 'Daily Show'
by Megh Wright Correspondent Jessica Williams appeared on The Daily Show last night to set the record straight after Sean Hannity referred to Jay-Z as a "former crack dealer" on Fox News, prompting her to turn the tables on the "news" network that's constantly telling the black community to "stay ou... [Read More]
FXX snags Axe Cop, Lucas Bros Moving Co., more for Animation Domination High-Def
The Lucas Brothers are returning to television, along with several other animated comedy series. Animation Domination High-Def late-night programming block from Fox will relaunch on FXX in the new year. New episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. will be joined by new Stone Quackers and reruns of High Sc... [Read More]
The 'Drawn Together' Creators Are Making a Sitcom/Hidden Camera Hybrid Series
by Adam Frucci Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, co-creators of the late animated Comedy Central comedy Drawn Together, are working on a new project for Fox: Meet the Kellers. There's not a ton of info about it just yet, and apparently Fox is keeping it "top secret", but it's apparently going to be "... [Read More]
Jamie Foxx Changed His Name From Eric Bishop Just to Get Up at an Open Mic
by Adam Frucci On last Friday's Late Show, Jamie Foxx sat down with Letterman and discussed the fact that his name isn't actually Jamie Foxx — he was born as Eric Bishop. He changed his name to Jaime just to make it sound gender-neutral so the guys running the open mic at the Comedy Store wou... [Read More]
Laughs earns 20-week extension on group of 11 FOX/MyNetworkTV stations
Laughs has earned a reprieve and then some, receiving an additional order for 20 late-night stand-up showcases that air on a group of FOX TV stations late Saturday and/or Sunday nights. It has been airing "remix" episodes with old and new bits the past few Saturdays after already having received a f... [Read More]
Win The Simpsons complete 17th season + watch an exclusive preview clip!
In honor of the release of The Simpsons complete 17th season on Blu-ray and DVD, we’re please to gift Laughspin readers with a pair of goodies. First, an exclusive clip from season 17 below, wherein Marge and Homer explore the intricacies of marriage counseling. And second, we’re giving ... [Read More]
Behold This Year's Christmas-Themed 'Simpsons' Couch Gag
by Megh Wright This year's Simpsons holiday episode "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" airs on Fox this Sunday, and the network released a clip of the very Christmassy couch gag featuring all the best things about winter, which apparently are polar bears, snowboarding, hockey, Festivus, and obligatory ... [Read More]
Fox News regular Betsy Hart blames Moshe Kasher for ruining quality time with her daughter
There’s no denying you need impenetrable skin in order to become a successful comedian. No matter how funny and innovative you are, there will always be haters. And if you let the haters get to you as a comedian, you’ll become paralyzed, unable to perform, to create. But every once in a ... [Read More]
Image of The Lonely Island developing three shows for Fox, including one starring Danny Pudi
The Lonely Island developing three shows for Fox, including one starring Danny Pudi
Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone—the guys who make up The Lonely Island—came up with a name for their studio: Party Over Here. It’s a perfect fit for the sort of dry period pieces, hard-hitting dramas, and educational nature documentaries that the group is surely working on. [Read More]