Ken Burns picks Eugene Mirman as his subject in this funny new short for documentary
You may recall back in May 2012 when Eugene Mirman gave a terrifically awesome graduation speech at his Alma Mater, Hampshire College. Take a minute and watch the clip if you need a refresher. Mirman is doing even more for his college by starring in a funny short showcasing/advertising the Creative ... [Read More]
Ken Burns Made a Short Documentary About Eugene Mirman
by Bradford Evans Here's a mini-documentary that Ken Burns made about Eugene Mirman for Hampshire College, a school they both attended. Watch Ken Burns bring the same attention he gave to the Civil War and American baseball to waking up Eugene Mirman with a camera crew hovering over his bed. (via T... [Read More]
Ken Burns profiles Eugene Mirman for their alma mater
Famed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns made a mini-movie about comedian Eugene Mirman, and what happened next will inspire you. No, wait. I've read so many of those danged UpworthyViralNovaBuzzFeedy clickbait-and-switch headlines that it's seeping into my writing. No, wait. You should be inspired. Th... [Read More]
Eugene Mirman on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Eugene Mirman's routines have a non sequitur vibe upon first blush, but if you change your focus just a smidge, it all blends together harmoniously. Take Mirman's performance on Wednesday night's Late Night with Seth Meyers. He opens with a bit about an audition scene set in the 1920s -- topica... [Read More]
Eugene Mirman announces return of his Boston Comedy Festival, May 1-4
In between recording two stand-up specials and working on TV shows such as Bobs Burgers and Archer, comedian Eugene Mirman has curated his own comedy festival for the past six years in Brooklyn, NY. The Massachusetts native debuted his festival in Boston last summer for the first time, and now Mirma... [Read More]
Comedian Eugene Mirman posts second White House petition, asking Obama to call Uganda president a ‘ding-dong-boob-poopy’
As a response to his original White House petition being removed from the government’s Web site, comedian Eugene Mirman has just launched a revised version. Yesterday, Mirman launched a petition requesting that President Barack Obama tell Uganda “to go fuck themselves.” The reason?... [Read More]
Eugene Mirman to Uganda, ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’
Eugene Mirman has always been an advocate for the regular folks in his own special way, whether it be taking on Time Warner Cable. Or, in yesterday’s case, attempting to get one country to tell another country that its f*cking up. Yesterday, a Arizona Uganda tabloid posted names of hundreds of... [Read More]
Support Eugene Mirman's Uganda Petition on the White House Website (UPDATE)
by Bradford Evans Comedian Eugene Mirman managed to sneak a vulgar petition past the folks at the open petition section of The White House's website. Mirman spread the word about it via Twitter, writing, "I'm somewhat surprised my petition to have Barack Obama tell Uganda to go fuck themselves was a... [Read More]
Bill Cosby, Aisha Tyler, Greg Proops, many more announced for SXSW Comedy 2014
SXSW Comedy 2014 has announced its line-ups for the monster March festival. Rising stars and comedy legends will grace the stages of Austin, TX from March 8 – March 15. Funny or Die will host An Evening with Bill Cosby. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater will bring their famous ASSSSCAT trou... [Read More]
SXSW announces its entire comedy lineup, includes Bill Cosby and Late Night with Seth Meyers
Earlier, South By Southwest (SXSW) revealed its comedy programming, including the podcasts and parties as well as some of its panels. Now, the festival has revealed its entire lineup of comedians and there are many of them. It’s a year of some heavy hitters indeed. Including a large Lorne Mich... [Read More]