Out of Office Replies for These Political Times, by Kimberly Harrington
I’m sorry I missed your e-mail. As you may have heard, women are no longer allowed to use computers so I’ve actually missed every single e-mail since January 2017. Please write your question(s) on an old white man and have him walk over to my hut. Thank you and Namaste. ….. Due to... [Read More]
An Excerpt from ‘The Best American Emails,’ by Amanda Meadows
You’re Invited to a Screening of ~HOCKEY JERKS~ To: amandasjunkmail@ymail.com From: thescreenery@screenery.film Subject: You’re Invited to a Screening of ~HOCKEY JERKS~ SCREENINGS’ GREETINGS! Hey [amandasjunkmail@ymail.com], Thanks for participating with The Screenery! We’d l... [Read More]