Judd Apatow Is Teaching an Online Comedy MasterClass This Spring
Class is about to be in session with Judd Apatow at the helm. Apatow is the latest celebrity to sign on to teach his own MasterClass, which was announced today. Similar to Steve Martin’s comedy MasterClass, “Judd Apatow Teaches Comedy” will include 32 video lessons on &ld... [Read More]
What It’s Like to Take Steve Martin’s Comedy MasterClass
You must have seen it: the commercial/trailer for “Steve Martin Teaches Comedy.” Facebook tells me it surfaced in early March, when my brother excitedly posted it to my wall. And it was quite the trailer to be sure, with its lush production values, zippy pacing, and promise of quality&nb... [Read More]
Is a $160,000 Degree in “Comedic Arts” Worth It?
The average cost of tuition at a private college in 2015 was over $32,000 according to CollegeData.com, but that number is even higher at Boston’s Emerson College, where tuition is over $42,000 per year — nearly $60,000 when room and board is included. Anyone who spends over $160,000 on ... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Is Giving $800,000 to South Carolina Public School Teachers
by Megh Wright As if you needed any more proof that Stephen Colbert is an awesome guy with a heart of gold, Daily Kos reports that Colbert has decided to fund every existing grant request made by public school teachers in his home state of South Carolina via DonorsChoose.org. Colbert made the announ... [Read More]
Louis C.K. Went on a Twitter Rant About His Kids' Homework
by Bradford Evans Louis C.K. took to Twitter yesterday to express his frustrations with the homework his elementary school-aged daughter is being assigned by a New York public school to prep for standardized testing. In a series of tweets, C.K. took photos of some needlessly complicated math questio... [Read More]
Louis C.K.’s public school Twitter rant against Common Core State Standards Initiative
Louis C.K. spent some time on Twitter today railing against standardized testing in public schools, specifically addressing the Common Core State Standards Initiative. [View the story "Louis C.K.'s Public Education Twitter rant" on Storify] Sign up to get funny daily videos and headlines delivered ... [Read More]
ABC Orders a Pilot Based on the UK Series 'Bad Education', Adapted by Two 'King of the Hill' Writers
by Bradford Evans ABC is adapting the UK sitcom Bad Education into an American show. THR reports that the network has orderd a pilot for a single-camera comedy called An American Education based on the show, with British actor Jack Whitehall attached to reprise the lead role of Alfie Wickers from th... [Read More]
Ron Burgundy inducted into the history of journalism museum… for a few months
We all knew he was “kind of a big deal” but now its official, Washington D.C.’s Newseum will host “Anchorman: The Exhibit.” Pretty unbelievable that an institution dedicated to the history of journalism will be featuring a fake news crew, but hey, I’m all for it! The exhibit isn’t just a promotion f... [Read More]