Tracy Morgan makes his case for “Bona Fide” comedy star status
If he wasn't already a bona fide star upon leaving Saturday Night Live, Tracy Morgan certainly was when he returned to the 30 Rock fold in the sitcom that loosely fictionalized him and the makings of TV sketch comedy. With an emphasis on loosely. As Morgan prepares to unveil his fourth stand-up spec... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt, “Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time” (CD/DVD)
When Patton Oswalt walked onstage last summer at the Spreckels Theater during San Diego Comic-Con, an adoring crowd receives him with a standing ovation as the tune of The Ettes' "Crown of Age" thunders through the speakers. "They asked me to pick the most rocking song that you like right now, ... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress, “Live From Chicago” on Comedy Central
I've been a fan of Hannibal Buress since he was only known as Chicago's top up-and-coming stand-up comedian, back when he was selling T-shirts for his kicking pigeons joke and wondering who the next big blind guy would be. The rest of the nation has caught on to how funny Buress is, and his ascensio... [Read More]
Todd Barry “The Crowd Work Tour,” a film special from Louis C.K., an interview via emails
Any comedian can claim a personal association with Louis C.K., and if you're connected to any New York City stand-up on Facebook these days, then you've likely already read a knowing (and winking) status update or two hundred. They all want what Todd Barry has. An actual connection to Louis C.K., bo... [Read More]
Nick Thune
Musical comedy can be a lot of things, and at its best, it can go so much deeper than straight stand up; recent musical comedy specials like Bo Burnham’s what. and Karen Kilgariff’s Live at the Bootleg dive easily and openly into musings on the meaning of life while still being hilarious... [Read More]
R.I.P. Tim Wilson (1961-2014)
Tim Wilson, a veteran "Road Dog" stand-up comedian and country musician who also co-wrote Jeff Foxworthy's hit song, "Redneck 12 Days of Christmas," died Wednesday from an apparent heart attack. Wilson was 52. Wilson was scheduled to headline The Comedy Club Stardome near Birmingham, Ala., this... [Read More]
Review: Ted Alexandro, “I Did It”
Ted Alexandro released his new 69-minute video stand-up comedy special, "I Did It," today on his website, Other comedians have self-released their stand-up sets before, and as Alexandro noted in a message he sent out to fans and friends last night, he clearly was inspired by acts s... [Read More]
Interview: Rory Scovel on “the courage to fail” in comedy
In a digital age, what are the odds that a stand-up comedian would release a new album and keep it that way? Rory Scovel's new Live at Third Man Records came out over the holidays in vinyl. And only vinyl. It's an old-school 12-inch LP record, and several times over the course of the recording, Scov... [Read More]
Cool Thing to Buy this Week: ‘The Tick’ complete series on DVD
Let’s go all the way back to 2001 when the live action version of the cult comic book and animated TV series The Tick was a thing. Airing on FOX on Thursday nights, the show that was less about action and crime solving rather more about the (sometimes lame) characters that put on the suits. [&... [Read More]
Todd Barry’s “The Crowd Work Tour” filmed as special to be released by Louis C.K.
For far too many stand-up comedians, crowd work is a crutch to lean against when you don't have material. For far too many audience members, crowd work means a fear that a stand-up comedian will make fun of you. But it's something special when Todd Barry does it. You'll find out just how special whe... [Read More]