This Is Not Happening: What’s in a name-check, Ari Shaffir?
Imagine you're a woman and you're funny, so you decide to pursue a career in comedy. Imagine that even just in making that decision, you've unintentionally invited lifetimes of structurally built-in gender bias against you. Sometimes subtle and subconscious, you're ignored or overlooked when it come... [Read More]
Are these the Top 25 Wealthiest Living Comedians in 2015?
Forbes prints out a list each year of the 10 comedians who made the most money from touring, films, TV gigs and commercial endorsements. But who's really raking in the dough? Graduate student Randy Olson followed the money to and then started crunching the numbers. Here's what ... [Read More]
Bill Hicks entire audio/video catalog re-issued via Comedy Dynamics
Comedy Dynamics announced on Thursday that it'll team up with the estate of the late Bill Hicks to reissue and re-release his entire slate of stand-up comedy albums and specials. All of his albums -- Arizona Bay, Dangerous, Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1, 12/16/1961, Love, Laughter and Truth, The Adventu... [Read More]
Rare 1968 Joan Rivers stand-up comedy album to be released for first time on CD for Record Store Day 2015
This year's annual Record Store Day will feature the CD debut of a rare and out-of-print 1968 stand-up album from the late Joan Rivers -- The Next To Last Joan Rivers Album -- thanks to Stand Up! Records. The Next To Last Joan Rivers Album will be released April 18, 2015. It'll include an eight-page... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden (on Netflix)
Reaching the rarefied air of performing stand-up comedy to arena audiences, and particularly New York City's Midtown Manhattan palace -- Madison Square Garden -- lends itself to moments of celebration for the comedians who find themselves at that summit. Kevin Hart shot fiery flames in the air behin... [Read More]
Trevor Moore’s “High in Church” on Comedy Central
When their IFC sketch series ended after five seasons, The Whitest Kids U'Know mostly went their separate ways, although they reunited for a tour in 2013 and tried filming a pilot last year. Timmy Williams got married and moved back to South Dakota. Zach Cregger went the primetime sitcom route with ... [Read More]
SXSW recording first-ever stand-up special during 2015 comedy fest
The SXSW festival's comedy lineup always boasts an array of big names, but this year's festival (March 14-21, 2015) features something brand-new that you'll be able to enjoy later even if you couldn't make it to Austin, Texas. A recorded SXSW stand-up special! The festival announced today that it'll... [Read More]
Matt Braunger: Big Dumb Animal (Comedy Central)
Matt Braunger was 39, single, no kids, renting an apartment when I saw him record this hour-plus set last summer at The Bell House in Brooklyn. "I think I'm fucking killing it, you guys," Braunger told the audience then, and now as his stand-up special, Big Dumb Animal, debuts tonight on Comedy Cent... [Read More]
Jemaine Clement talks future Flight of the Conchords tour, special possibilities
In case you missed it, Jemaine Clement has been at the Sundance Film Festival this week presenting a new film he stars in called People, Places, Things. Flight of the Conchords fans, however, keep wanting to know about that one thing and that one other person Clement performs with: Bret. Will the Ne... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane raps about his new stuff in Comedy Central special, “I Liked His Old Stuff Better”
Kyle Kinane is trying to help his feature act, “my friend Shane Torres, who’s driving the Mazda 2 Snatchback,” find their way to their gig Thursday night in Hamden, Conn., as Kinane also is on the phone to speak with The Comic’s Comic. It’s that kind of multi-tasking th... [Read More]