Season 3 of “Inside Amy Schumer” gave us judge, jury, and butts
Inside Amy Schumer has officially been woven into the fabric that is not only pop culture, but political culture by flawlessly shining light on the hot button issues of today. Comedy more so now has become the gateway that allows us to tackle such issues reflecting back on society the truth of what ... [Read More]
Cool thing to buy this week: “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” limited edition castle catapult gift set
Monty Python and the Holy Grail” limited edition castle catapult gift set Purchase There are few films as timeless as Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It is a movie that should be enjoyed by comedy fans for generations to come. As you are well aware, the classic flick celebrates its 40th anniv... [Read More]
Jonnie W launches crowdsourcing campaign to record DVD 11/14 at The Franklin Theatre |
"I looked at other venues in other cities as option for taping my new special, but it just feels right to be doing it in Nashville, since it’s the place that gave me my start in comedy. I moved here 8 years ago, and there’s such a unique energy to this town- creativity, music, desperation, and pain. The same qualities that made it a great city for innovation in music have contributed to a thriving new comedy scene. I’m honored to be a part of it." [Read More]
How would Bill Cosby treat “Bill Cosby” around his daughters? Already considered, recorded on 1971’s “For Adults Only”
Before Bill Cosby became known as America's Dad in the 1980s and America's alleged serial rapist in retrospect in 2014-2015, he let us into his world a little deeper back in 1971. No. I'm not talking about Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs, the 1972 Grammy Award winner for Best Recording For Chil... [Read More]
Review: Jay Pharoah, “Can I Be Me?” on Showtime
Despite portraying the President of the United States for several years on network television via Saturday Night Live, and singlehandedly winning the MTV Video Music Awards by impersonating Kanye West, Jay-Z and Drake, Jay Pharoah may still be an unknown to many American viewers. So he asks in the t... [Read More]
The neverending story of The Three Stooges
The Three Stooges can never die, and that's not just written into their plotlines. Forty years after Moe Howard and Larry Fine both died in 1975, the often-violent slapstick antics of Moe, Larry and Curly continue to be revived and reanimated. Just in the past month, The Three Stooges estate has ann... [Read More]
AC/DC’s Brian Johnson recorded a duet with Jim Breuer for Breuer’s upcoming music album
Jim Breuer has a new stand-up special, "Comic Frenzy," premiering this Friday on EPIX. But for his next trick, Breuer, who can impersonate AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, will have the real thing rocking out with him for a new song on the comedian's upcoming rock album. Breuer spoke about recording vo... [Read More]
This Is Not Happening: What’s in a name-check, Ari Shaffir?
Imagine you're a woman and you're funny, so you decide to pursue a career in comedy. Imagine that even just in making that decision, you've unintentionally invited lifetimes of structurally built-in gender bias against you. Sometimes subtle and subconscious, you're ignored or overlooked when it come... [Read More]
Are these the Top 25 Wealthiest Living Comedians in 2015?
Forbes prints out a list each year of the 10 comedians who made the most money from touring, films, TV gigs and commercial endorsements. But who's really raking in the dough? Graduate student Randy Olson followed the money to and then started crunching the numbers. Here's what ... [Read More]
Bill Hicks entire audio/video catalog re-issued via Comedy Dynamics
Comedy Dynamics announced on Thursday that it'll team up with the estate of the late Bill Hicks to reissue and re-release his entire slate of stand-up comedy albums and specials. All of his albums -- Arizona Bay, Dangerous, Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1, 12/16/1961, Love, Laughter and Truth, The Adventu... [Read More]