Watch Two Cut 'SNL' Sketches About Twitter and Dancing Robots
by Megh Wright SNL released two sketches today that were cut for time from last weekend's episode hosted by Woody Harrelson, and they're a delightful mix of fun and weird. Check out the above sketch "Tweet" starring Aidy Bryant as a woman celebrating her 10,000th tweet (with cameos by Edward Norton ... [Read More]
Online only: Louis C.K.’s SNL “Space Encounter”
Here's another Saturday Night Live sketch with host Louis C.K. that didn't make it past Saturday night's dress rehearsal. One man's space junk is another man's space hunk, am I right? This sketch, "Space Encounter," takes the Star Trek motif, puts CK in Klingon get-ups or whatnot -- they never do sa... [Read More]
Watch Louis C.K. as an Asexual Alien in a Cut 'SNL' Sketch
by Megh Wright Here's a sketch cut after SNL's dress rehearsal this past weekend in which host Louis C.K. plays an asexual alien named Zartag who escapes his crystal prison then makes some evil-sounding demands of a spaceship crew, only to expose his love for posters of hunky Earth guys and their "c... [Read More]
Bill Hader and Saturday Night Live writers relive a sketch gone wrong
There are plenty of skits on Saturday Night Live that made it all the way to the final dress rehearsal only to get cut at the last hour. Thanks to the internet, though, many of the cut sketches get to be seen. That’s why we get to finally see “Song For Daddy,” a sketch from [...]Bi... [Read More]
An unaired SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin, Cup Boy (Horatio Sanz) and Plate Boy (Jimmy Fallon)
On Saturday Night Live, oftentimes something will strike the cast and writers as super-funny around the office (particularly late at night Tuesday and into Wednesday morning of an SNL week), but not quite translate onscreen before the live audience. ... [Read More]