Behind the Camera with Lawrence Sher
Comedy movie directors may not get as much credit as they deserve. Yes, there is Judd Apatow and Todd Phillips, but how many people could name the director of Tommy Boy (Peter Segal) or Wedding Crashers (David Dobkin) or Superbad (Greg Mottola)? And how does one even become a comedy film director to... [Read More]
Get to Know ‘Saturday Night Live’s Director Don Roy King
For the past ten years, Don Roy King has served as the director of Saturday Night Live, and a new video by AARP takes a closer look at the 68-year-old veteran TV director and the job he describes as “the perfect show for me at the perfect time in my life.” King credits SNL for […]... [Read More]
FX CEO John Landgraf Explains Why Networks Should Take a “Quantum” Approach with Improving Diversity
Back in November, Variety published a breakdown exploring diversity in TV directing jobs at ten networks, and even though all the networks were dominated by white men, FX had the worst numbers with just 12% women and people of color credited as directors. It’s been less than a year since that ... [Read More]
Obscene and Unheard: The Unmade Films of John Waters
John Waters, Baltimore’s infamous Pope of Trash and the auteur behind such rude comedies as Pink Flamingos (1972), Female Trouble (1974), and Desperate Living (1977), has not released a movie since 2004’s head-injury sex farce A Dirty Shame with Tracey Ullman and Johnny Knoxville. Waters... [Read More]
Using Shock and Violence for Comedy's Sake in 'Wild Tales'
by Brad Becker-Parton Oscar Best Foreign Language film nominee Wild Tales, directed by Argentine filmmaker Damián Szifron, is an anthology of six short films tackling the topic of revenge. The shorts, beginning with a short pre-credit sequence that sets the tone of sadistic retribution that c... [Read More]
The Best Comedy Directors of 2014
by Brad Becker-Parton As this column wraps up its first full year, I present the 1st Annual 2014 Comedy Film School Awards. These awards are determined by a voting body of one and hold all the prestige and none of the starpower of the Hollywood Film Awards. The idea is not to rank or give out superl... [Read More]
Christopher Nolan on Why He Won't Make Comedies: "There's No Hiding Behind the Art of the Film"
by Megh Wright "I would try anything I think except comedy or romantic comedy. Those are very tough genres to work in. They rely on an unanimity of audience response. You screen a comedy for people, and if they don't laugh, you've got to figure out a way to make them laugh. There’s no hiding b... [Read More]
How Adam McKay Directs at the Top of His Intelligence
by Brad Becker-Parton Adam McKay’s path to becoming a director began as a notoriously mischievous improvisor under the tutelage of guru Del Close in Chicago, then joining SNL as a writer, eventually ascending to head writer in the mid-nineties. It was there he began his collaboration with Will... [Read More]
Writer/Director Paul Mazursky Dies at 84
by Bradford Evans Writer/director Paul Mazursky passed away yesterday from a pulmonary embolism yesterday at LA's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, The LA Times reports. Mazursky, who was nominated for five Oscars over the course of his five-decade-long career, wrote and/or directed (usually doing b... [Read More]
Peyton Reed Will Direct 'Ant-Man' with Script Help from Adam McKay
by Megh Wright Marvel has finally named its new Ant-Man director to fill the void left by original helmer Edgar Wright. Deadline reports that Peyton Reed has officially signed on to direct the Paul Rudd-starring superhero movie due out in July 2015. Adam McKay, who considered the job but ultimately ... [Read More]