Comedy about Dennis Rodman and North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un is happening, because what’s funnier than human rights violations?
What’s funnier than a dictator-led country, whose government enslaves hundreds of thousands of its citizens in labor camps – children included! – publicly executes people for owning a Bible and maintains no freedom of the press? Well, Tim Story, director of such hits like Ride Alon... [Read More]
So You Think You Can Roast? Amadeo Fusca wins 2013 Friars Club contest following roasts of Dennis Rodman, Padma Lakshmi, Ricky Schroder
The Friars Club wrapped up its annual "So You Think You Can Roast?" contest over the weekend with a celebrity-and-amateur roast of Dennis Rodman, and yesterday announced that actor/comedian Amadeo Fusca had the won the privilege of joining the full F... [Read More]
“He’s Way More Famous Than You,” by Michael Urie, to open 2013 Friars Club Comedy Film Festival
File under April Fool's Day real news: The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival is springing forward to springtime for its fifth annual celebration of comedy on film, opening in 2013 with Michael Urie's film, He's Way More Famous Than You. In Urie's firs... [Read More]