In 'Poking a Dead Frog', Comedians' Advice, Stories, and Neuroses Shine
by Erica Lies Nerding out on comedy just got a lot easier with Mike Sacks’ new Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers. In his follow up to 2009’s excellent And Here’s the Kicker, Sacks has compiled an impressively diverse list of writ... [Read More]
Mike Sacks on 'Poking a Dead Frog', Discontented Comedy Writers, and "Comic Decay"
by Philip Stamato Comedians think often about how their identity relates to the world around them. They spent much of their time reflecting on who they are, where they come from, what they've done, and what they've seen. Usually these reflections are form-fitted and presented to us as comedy for ent... [Read More]
Adam McKay on What He Learned from Working with Improv Guru Del Close
by Mike Sacks Will Ferrell doesn’t mince words when describing Adam McKay, his longtime friend and comedy collaborator. “He’s kind of a dangerous individual,” Ferrell says. “He’s extremely funny; there’s no doubt about it. But he’s dangerous. I wouldn&... [Read More]
Summer Reads: Amy Poehler’s Pure, Hard-Core Advice in “Poking a Dead Frog” by Mike Sacks
Any time is a good time to pick up a book, but summertime sure feels like the right time to lounge poolside or on the beach, or anywhere you feel most comfortable, really, with a great read to pass the carefree day away. On weekends this summer, The Comic's Comic will showcase an excerpt from a wort... [Read More]
Mike Sacks
Mike Sacks’s second book of interviews with comedy writers operates on a few different levels. For the casual comedy fan, there are plenty of big names like Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Mel Brooks, Amy Poehler and Patton Oswalt. There are behind-the-scenes looks at Saturday Night Live and... [Read More]
'Poking a Dead Frog,' Mike Sacks's Sequel to 'And Here's the Kicker' Out Today
by Bradford Evans Mike Sacks's latest book of interviews with comedians, Poking a Dead Frog, hits the shelves today. A follow-up to his 2009 book, And Here's the Kicker, Poking a Dead Frog features interviews and advice from over 40 professional comedy writers, spanning a wide range of mediums ... [Read More]
'SNL's James Downey on Working with Norm Macdonald and Getting Fired for Making Fun of OJ Simpson
by Mike Sacks Saturday Night Live has employed hundreds of comedy writers in its four decades on the air, but no writer has been associated with the show longer — or had more of a lasting impact — than James Woodward Downey. If Lorne Michaels is the face of Saturday Night Live, Down... [Read More]
Bumbershoot announces its 2014 comedy line-up, includes Ted Alexandro, Beth Stelling, and Rory Scovel
Seattle’s music and arts festival, Bumbershoot, recently announced its comedy line-up for this year’s festival. Over Labor Day weekend, August 30 – September 1st, Bumbershoot will host every type of comedy they can get their hands on: stand-up, improv, sketch, and podcast. Some of ... [Read More]
Mike Judge Says 'Office Space' Made TGI Fridays Get Rid of Their "Flair"
by Megh Wright "About four years after Office Space came out, TGI Fridays got rid of all that (button) flair, because people would come in and make cracks about it. One of my ADs asked once at the restaurant why their flair was missing and they said they removed it because of that movie Office Space... [Read More]
Lorne Michaels confirms there will be changes on season 40 of “Saturday Night Live”
Lorne Michaels was interviewed by Deadline about his history in comedy and launch of new late night shows, but perhaps the most interesting part was when the questions came to the forthcoming 40th season of Saturday Night Live. As season 39 was a rebuilding year, with the addition to 7 new featured ... [Read More]