Regis Philbin to moderate Letterman panel to celebrate groundbreaking of National Comedy Center, Lucille Ball Comedy Festival
The people behind the scenes of David Letterman's late-night TV reign will be reined in by Regis Philbin later this month to kick off the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival and celebrate the groundbreaking of the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, N.Y. Philbin, the most frequent Letterman guest with 150... [Read More]
Watch David Letterman Deliver a Surprise Top Ten List During Martin Short and Steve Martin’s Stage Show
David Letterman made a surprise appearance during Martin Short and Steve Martin’s stage show A Very Stupid Conversation in San Antonio on Friday, making it his first onstage appearance since his big Late Show farewell back in May. Letterman told the crowd he had no regrets about his decision t... [Read More]
WATCH: David Letterman returns from retirement to deliver Top 10 list about Donald Trump
Saying he was "glad to be out of the house" a retired and now bearded David Letterman was a surprise guest at a Steve Martin and Martin Short show at San Antonio’s Majestic Theater Friday night, saying Donald Trumps's entry in the 2016 Presidential race made him realize he retired too early. [Read More]
David Letterman surprises San Antonio crowd by joining Steve Martin, Martin Short onstage for special Top 10 list
The current tour of Steve Martin and Martin Short is billed officially as "Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers & Martin Short in a Very Stupid Conversation." But the audience who paid to see two of The Three Amigos on Friday night in San Antonio received a special treat when their third a... [Read More]
David Letterman Gave Chris Gethard the Thumbs-Up to Include the ‘Late Show’ Bridges on the ‘TCGS’ Set
Two of the most memorable parts of David Letterman’s Late Show set have found a new home on the weirdest new show on television right now. The Chris Gethard Show is currently streaming the episode of this Thursday’s taping on YouTube, and Gethard and crew chose to use the episode’s... [Read More]
R.I.P. Jack Rollins (1915-2015)
At 100 years old, Jack Rollins survived and thrived through all of the comedy booms, and rightly could take at least partial credit for the great talents of at least two peak periods in the funny business as a manager and producer. Starting in the 1950s, Rollins represented and fostered the young ca... [Read More]
Post-Retirement Interview with David Letterman | Indianapolis Monthly
David Letterman spent a few minutes chatting with Ron Pearson—a college buddy of his—about what comes next. Indy 500, his mom, adjusting to life after television, and getting old. [Read More]
Longtime ‘Late Show’ Showrunner Barbara Gaines Looks Back on 35 Years of Working with Letterman
I started as the receptionist in pre-production on what we all called "the morning show" (really The David Letterman Show) on May 21, 1980. I worked for Dave for 35 years to the exact day. Reporters kept asking us why we all stayed so long. We stay because Anatevka is our home (What? You don't know Fiddler on the Roof?). We stayed because we are all in some way part of the land of misfit toys. Some more misfit than others. One of us had to touch every single guest that went out on stag... [Read More]
Check Out Todd Barry’s ‘Letterman’ Debut from 1982
Here’s a great way for Letterman fans to happily distract themselves from this morning’s Late Show marquee teardown: a clip from Late Night with David Letterman’s first year on the air back in 1982 uploaded today by standup Todd Barry that features his very first appearance —... [Read More]
May 27, 1982: Todd Barry’s teenage debut on Late Night with David Letterman
On this day in 1982, the first year of David Letterman's 33-year run in late-night television, Todd Barry already was a man with a plan for his comedy career. Or as Letterman introduced him: "Todd Barry. Apparently a man with a lot of time on his hands." That's because he wrote a letter to NBC's Lat... [Read More]