Foo Fighters discuss their history with “Saturday Night Live” in behind-the-scenes video
Saturday Night Live released another clip in their behind-the-scenes video series, “Creating Saturday Night Live.” This time around they interviewed… MORE Foo Fighters discuss their history with “Saturday Night Live” in behind-the-scenes video appeared first on Th... [Read More]
Check Out Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney’s Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch “New Year’s Kiss”
Another week, another Beck Bennett/Kyle Mooney sketch that Saturday Night Live sadly cut for time despite being weird and wonderful. This time around it’s a New Year’s Eve-themed sketch called “New Year’s Kiss” that serves as the perfect inspiration to avoid the crowds,... [Read More]
The 10 best things to do this week: Machynlleth festival, Arca and Mindhorn
Britain’s best standups hit the Welsh town, the Venezuelan producer plays London and Julian Barratt stars as a washed-up former TV copFrom Cradle to StageMum’s the word! Literally, actually, as Foo Fighter Dave Grohl’s mother, Virginia, has gone around the world to interview mother... [Read More]
If we don’t learn from ‘Drunk History,’ Drunk History will repeat itself
Ah, history class. So many names, dates and people. Who remembers any of that stuff? Not the people involved in Drunk History, apparently. But it’s probably for the best, as it makes the series all the more entertaining. If you are not familiar, Drunk History is a series created by Derek Water... [Read More]
Watch the new Tenacious D video with Maria Menounos, Jimmy Kimmel, Tim Robbins, more!
Tenacious D’s new album The Rize of the Phoenix won’t be ready for your ear holes until May 15. But Jack Black and Kyle Gass know you need something to hold you over. Well, how about a six-minute featurette and video for their song “... [Read More]
Watch Jim Norton push his comedy album on the Grammys red carpet
Late last year, Jim Norton’s newest album Despicable landed at number eight on our list of the 10 best albums of 2011. So we obviously know it’s a great album, but do fancy pants celebrities know it? Well, Norton, on behalf of the Tonight... [Read More]
Dana Gould & Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Team For Rock Band FX Comedy
FX is developing a half-hour comedy created by and starring comedian Dana Gould and executive produced by Foo Fighters’ lead vocalist/songwriter Dave Grohl. Gould is writing/executive the project, which centers on a rock band on the verge of mega-stardom who finds itself on the verge of breaking up and is forced to seek professional help in a last-ditch effort to stay together. Unfortunately, they end up with a misanthropic couple’s therapist from Agoura on the brink of divorce. [Read More]
Jon Stewart to Host Nirvana Q&A
When I think of seminal rock albums of the 1990s, I inevitably think of Jon Stewart. This is probably a result of my family's Christmas Eve tradition of listening to Nirvana's Nevermind and watching reruns of The Daily Show while consuming ... [Read More]