State Farm pulls Rob Schneider ads over his anti-vaccination views
The Richmeister… no longer selling insuuranceee! As part of the 40th season of Saturday Night Live, a partnership with State Farm ads are floating around featuring classic SNL characters helping sell insurance. Hanz & Franz are in one, additionally Rob Schneider resurrects the Richmeister... [Read More]
South Park flags Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder in new season (Video)
The boys from South Park, Colorado might get flagged for taunting after airing a teaser clip during Sunday’s Washington Redskins game. South Park returns to Comedy Central with all-new episodes on Wednesday, Sept. 24. Our favorite animated scamps will kick-off their 18th season by taking on Re... [Read More]
Too offensive on stage? Houston Baptist University calls cops on comedian Samuel J Comroe during stand-up performance
Last night, comedian Samuel J. Comroe was performing stand-up at a college, something he’d done “hundreds and hundreds” of times before. But this time was a bit different for the comedian, he was a Houston Baptist College. The night appeared routine enough, Comroe arrived early and... [Read More]
The future of the “The Opie & Anthony Show” unknown, remaining hosts to return to airwaves
Over the holiday break, the quick and speedy termination of SiriusXM DJ Anthony Cumia, of The Opie & Anthony Show left many fans scrambling to actually find out what happened and what the future of the show would be. Would the remaining hosts, Greg “Opie” Hughes and Jim Norton contin... [Read More]
Breaking: Anthony Cumia fired from “The Opie & Anthony Show” over Twitter rant
Anthony Cumia is out of a job for being assaulted? Just moments ago the SiriusXM DJ and co-host of The Opie & Anthony Show announced that the satellite radio company had fired him over an incident that didn’t even happen while on the job. As we reported yesterday, Cumia went on a scathing ... [Read More]
Anthony Cumia of “The Opie & Anthony Show” assaulted in Times Square, goes on twitter rant afterward
Anthony Cumia is a bit pissed and he appears to have good reason to be. The co-host of the SiriusXM satellite radio show, The Opie & Anthony Show is no stranger to diatribes and rants that get him into hot water. However, yesterday he was assaulted and he didn’t hide his feelings about how... [Read More]
Joan Rivers, “Kristen Stewart does a lot of sucking”
Joan Rivers was recently interviewed by Ron & Fez’s Ron Bennington for SiriusXM’s Unmasked. Rivers was interviewed for her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva. Rover’s book is a funny look at moments in her life as a diva, traveling, working, and living. In the book she (as expected)... [Read More]
Katt Williams allegedly pulls gun on heckler at The Comedy Store
Katt Williams has had his share of confrontational actions, from showing up hours late to shows, on stage meltdowns, challenging hecklers to naked fights, slapping a Target store employee, and a high speed tricycle chase all come to mind. But that’s been a while and he’s been pretty quie... [Read More]
From Villain to Folk Hero: Ben Kronberg’s appearance exposes every flaw in “Last Comic Standing”
Last Thursday the controversial stand-up/reality show Last Comic Standing returned after a 4 year hiatus. While the show provides a primetime stage for underrated and under-seen stand-ups to perform their craft on network TV, the show is controversial because it’s in competition format, reduci... [Read More]
Joan Rivers will not apologize for Cleveland kidnapping joke
Joan Rivers currently found herself in hot water for making a joke on Today about the women in Cleveland that were held captive and raped for 10 years. While comparing her daughter’s guest room to the Cleveland room Joan said, “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.&rdq... [Read More]