Nick Thune is a new dad, told Conan about his hunt to find a baby penis
Nick Thune was on Conan last night and talked about his experience as a new father and the doctor visits he had with his wife. He’s also not shy about how he really, really wanted to ensure that he was having a boy. Thus kicking off his hunt for baby penis. Nick Thune is a new dad, told Conan ... [Read More]
Dan Soder on Conan, ‘She talks about death with an ease that rattles my bones’
Dan Soder, one of our favs made his second appearance on Conan last night for another round of stand-up comedy jokery. Soder took swings at the generational gap between children and their grandparents and why he doesn’t trust 2 year olds and their technological prowess. If I follow the logic b... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien and Andy Richer recall the MTV Movie Awards and being the oldest people there
This weekend, Conan O’Brien greeted the many people watching The MTV Movie Awards with an opening that contained cameos from 50 celebrities. It was even a new record for the movie awards. However, now that it has been a few days, Conan and Andy Richter (who was in the audience) shared some of ... [Read More]
16 of Conan O'Brien's Most Memorable Remote Segments
by Megh Wright Since Conan O'Brien made his late-night host debut on Late Night in 1993, he's never shied away from taking his work out of the studio and onto the streets, whether that be New York City during his NBC days, the Los Angeles area during his current run on TBS, and beyond — from s... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien and his 50 cameos for the MTV Movie Awards opening montage
Conan O’Brien set out to start the MTV Movie Awards off with a bang and he certainly accomplished it. As stated in the clip, the previous record for cameos in an MTV Movie Awards opening was eight, so Conan brought us 50. Conan’s big opening was great too. I personally liked his sign off... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien and J.B. Smoove Do Some Erotic Exercises
by Megh Wright Here's an extra from Conan released today, where Conan and J.B. Smoove practice some very erotic exercises while Andy Richter watches from the comfort of the couch. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien’s 50 celebrity cameos to open the 2014 MTV Movie Awards
Conan O'Brien hosted the 2014 MTV Movie Awards live on MTV on Sunday night, which means a lot to you if you're a teen-ager and/or can DVR Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Silicon Valley, Veep, and maybe even The Good Wife and pay attention to the MTV Movie Awards on Twitter without also falling prey to so ... [Read More]
Watch Conan O'Brien's Cameo-Packed Opening for the MTV Movie Awards
by Megh Wright Here's the opening of last night's MTV Movie Awards hosted by Conan O'Brien, who manages to scrape together 50 celebrity cameos in less than four minutes. Click through to see O'Brien's opening monologue as well as the full list of this year's winners. Movie of the YearThe Hunger Ga... [Read More]
Let’s play Kumail Nanjiani’s game ‘Tweet or Literature’
Kumail Nanjiani has created a terrific new game which he debuted on Conan last night. The Library of Congress recently decided that it would archive all Tweets made on Twitter. So, you should all be terrified because we all know late night, incoherent ramblings are worth saving. Nanjiani had Conan p... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Is Doing a Week of Shows from Comic-Con in 2015
by Bradford Evans Conan O'Brien is set to become the first late night host to do a week of shows from Comic-Con. The TBS host plans to broadcast his shows from July 8 to July 12, 2015 (yes, that's really far away) from San Diego's Spreckels Theater during the massive annual comic book convention, De... [Read More]