Conan O'Brien Gets Trapped with Jordan Schlansky in Escape Room LA
by Megh Wright Here's the latest Conan remote segment featuring Conan O'Brien and his no-nonsense producer Jordan Schlansky, who take a trip to Escape Room LA and get trapped together in the 1940s-set "Detective" room. O'Brien might not be the best at solving all the intricate puzzles and clues insi... [Read More]
Is “Conan” the only stand-up TV credit that matters most now?
There are so many places to see stand-up comedy on TV and online during this digital comedy boom, that it certainly has become difficult to know what credits even matter any longer. As Grant Pardee notes in a piece today for Paste Magazine: "It was funny to see Madonna perform stand-up on The Tonigh... [Read More]
David O’Doherty on Conan
David O'Doherty played a song in the key of life on his teeny-tiny keyboard on Tuesday night's Conan, and if you don't recognize your life in his verse, just wait until the next verse. It's coming. Just like life! Roll the clip. ... [Read More]
Angela Kinsey's Grandmother Isn't a Fan of Her TV Shows
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Angela Kinsey's visit to last night's Conan, where she tells O'Brien all about her harshest critic, who happens to be her Southern grandmother Lena May. Whether it's Kinsey's work on The Office (Too vulgar!), her new TBS show (What's TBS?), or her time as a Conan, L... [Read More]
Eric Andre announced The Eric Andre Show’s return for season 4 on Conan
Eric Andre crashed the set of Conan last night to make the very important announcement that The Eric Andre Show will return for a fourth season on [adult swim] rather than just tell this information to the public, he took the pinata approach. If you don’t know what that means, just watch the c... [Read More]
Eric Andre Announces 'The Eric Andre Show's Season 4 Renewal on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Eric Andre made a quick appearance during last night's Conan to make a very special announcement: The Eric Andre Show is returning to Adult Swim for a fourth season. No word yet on when the season will air, but Andre shared the news through the classic "bloody man with candy-covered u... [Read More]
Eric Andre announces fourth season of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim
After swinging his big dildo around Coachella over the weekend (you'll have to look at Eric Andre's Instagram for that), Eric Andre burst out of a pinata on Monday night's Conan to make even bigger and more relevant news. There will be a fourth season of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim. No word y... [Read More]
Joe Zimmerman on Conan
Stand-up comedian Joe Zimmerman thought he was doing well for himself, until he Googled himself and found out what all of the other Joe Zimmermans have been up to -- all 400 of them on LinkedIn. Google also had something to say about his spirit animal, even though that's not the question he had aske... [Read More]
Joe Zimmerman set on Conan, “I went back to Google, looked up second opinion spirit animal quiz… no way I’m a crow twice”
Zimmerman wasn’t happy with being told his spirit animal was a crow, so he went spirit animal shopping. He also set a Google alert for his name to find out what all the other Joe Zimmermans are up too. Joe Zimmerman set on Conan, “I went back to Google, looked up second opinion spirit an... [Read More]
Amy Schumer Looks Back on Her Awkward Puberty on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Amy Schumer was a guest on last night's Conan, where she talked about her Entertainment Weekly cover, how she's feeling about hosting the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, and her very awkwardly timed puberty as a kid, which made her look like a "jack-o-lantern with tits." Watch more from... [Read More]