'Conan' Prop Master Bill Tull Is Back with Some Cheap Holiday Tips
by Megh Wright If you're out of money, time, or creativity for holiday ideas, don't worry: Conan's no-nonsense prop master Bill Tull returned last night with a brand new collection of frugal tips that are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit without breaking the bank. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Eric Andre shows Conan O’Brien how to do a proper monologue
Eric Andre was a guest on last night’s Conan. Although Andre also hosts his own show, he hasn’t being doing it for nearly as long as Conan has. However, Andre insisted that he could do a better monologue than Conan. Given a mic, and a super supportive (kind of psychotic) audience me... [Read More]
Eric Andre Performs an Impromptu Monologue on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Eric Andre's visit to last night's Conan, where he insisted he was a better monologist than O'Brien and was given a few minutes to prove it with some solid jokes and a very supportive audience member. Watch more from Andre's appearance below: 0 Comments... [Read More]
Team Coco supercut: Watch Conan’s best 2014 moments in one video
Conan O’Brien and the rest of Team Coco released their annual Supercut mashup video on Monday, featuring their favorite clips from this year’s Conan on TBS. The mashup of Conan moments reminds us of a hilarious Bill Hader visit, driving a Lyft with Kevin Hart and more Anchorman promo gam... [Read More]
Santa Shares Some Disturbing Secrets on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Most people know all about Secret Santa, but during last night's Conan, the audience also got an exclusive look at some of Santa's secrets. It turns out that Mr. Claus has some pretty disturbing things to share, from his tendency to stare at sleeping children to the recent trip to the... [Read More]
Mo Mandel on Conan, “I became a huge Julio Iglesias fan”
Mo Mandel was the guest comic on last night’s Conan, marking his second appearance on the show. After opening the show talking about the woes of buying a gift for his 70yr old father, Mandel talked about the time he opened for music superstar Julio Iglesias and how a simple interaction with hi... [Read More]
Mo Mandel on Conan
Mo Mandel returned for another stand-up performance Wednesday night on Conan, and if you think Mandel has gotten older since then, so have you and everyone else. Mandel wants you to know about his dad, though, who's now 70 years old. If you think that's something, though, just listen to Mandel talk ... [Read More]
'Conan' Is Selling Nick Offerman's Wood Emojis for Charity
by Megh Wright Since airing a silly sketch about Nick Offerman's handcrafted wood emojis last month, the Conan crew got flooded with requests for the real thing and decided to sell 100 of them for charity. Since the first edition of wood emojis sold out in just 19 minutes, last night O'Brien announc... [Read More]
Bill Burr explains to Conan why he hates Black Friday, charity in sports, and jib cams
It’s always a pleasure when Bill Burr makes an appearance on late night. Why? Because he gets on a jag about something in the headlines. On his appearance on Conan last night Burr broke down the ridiculousness that is Black Friday and why he’s just not a fan. Burr’s new special, I&... [Read More]
Bill Burr Explains Why Black Friday Is the Worst on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Bill Burr's visit to last night's Conan, where he breaks down why Black Friday is both the worst and saddest thing in America: "There is nothing in Walmart worth getting trampled over." Watch more clips from Bill's interview below: 0 Comments... [Read More]