Here's a Bunch of Old "Satellite TV" Sketches from 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'
by Megh Wright Late Night with Conan O'Brien was home to countless weird and wonderful sketches during its run on NBC from 1993-2009, and over the past week a YouTube user has been uploading old clips of the recurring "Satellite TV" segment, in which O'Brien would share with the audience some of the... [Read More]
'Conan' Visits a Conscientious Tofurkey Farm
by Megh Wright If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving by opting for tofurkey instead of the real thing, Conan visited McClellan Farms recently, and no one makes a more ethically acceptable tofurkey product than them. So before you choose your tofurkey brand this holiday season, please consider McClel... [Read More]
Forrest Shaw’s TV debut on Conan
Forrest Shaw has grown "taco tits" since moving from Miami to Los Angeles, thanks to all of the food trucks. No thanks to organic food, which is too expensive. As he notes: "Why does organic food cost more? Don't they do nothing to it?" And yet, as he explains on his TV debut as a comedian on W... [Read More]
'Conan' Prop Master Bill Tull Offers Some Money-Saving Thanksgiving Tips
by Megh Wright Want to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving this year but don't have enough money for things like turkey and pumpkin pie? Have no fear, because Conan's prop master Bill Tull is back with some budget-friendly tips for the holidays that will allow you to experience a happy and authentic Than... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Drags Producer Jordan Schlansky Along to a Coffee Tasting
by Megh Wright Conan O'Brien recently made a trip to Intelligentsia Coffee in Los Angeles to learn more about the world of coffee, and he decided to bring self-proclaimed coffee expert, Conan producer, and emotionless robot in disguise Jordan Schlansky along for the ride. Schlansky doesn't hold back... [Read More]
Key and Peele Reveal Some of Their Favorite Made-Up Words on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's visit to last night's Conan, where they broke down some of their favorite made-up words including "nooice," "Armenian conveyor belt," and the versatile "bup bup bup bup." Click through to watch more from their interview with Con... [Read More]
Nick Offerman is selling handcrafted wood emojis
Nobody talks to anyone anymore. It’s all about texting and emojis. But sometimes you want a more personal touch. That’s where Nick Offerman and his handcrafted wood emojis come in. Announcing his new business venture on Conan, Offerman’s workshop is selling wood emojis you can pers... [Read More]
Buy Some of Nick Offerman's Handcrafted Wood Emojis
by Megh Wright Have you ever wanted to send a loved one an emoji message but wished it could have the personal handcrafted touch of Nick Offerman? For the reasonable price of $29.99 per emoji, that's now a possibility thanks to Conan and Nick Offerman's Handcrafted Wood Emojis — because if it'... [Read More]
Allen Strickland Williams on Conan, “I always have a boner”
The great Allen Strickland Williams was the guest comic on last night’s Conan. The LA comedian is well known as being one fourth of the WOMEN sketch group, whose videos have been featured on Tosh.0. Making his triumphant late night debut, ASW starting off his set telling the audience his life ... [Read More]
Allen Strickland Williams TV debut on Conan
Work hard, play hard, joke hard? That seems to be the motto for Allen Strickland Williams, who made his TV debut on Wednesday night's episode of Conan. Williams is one-fourth of the sketch group WOMEN, but here, he stands alone, telling one-liners. Roll the clip! ... [Read More]