Yahoo! Screen revives Community just in time for sixth season online, coming Fall 2014
In the end, 'twas Yahoo! that raised Community from the dead. A last-minute reprieve, as NBCUniversal and Sony Pictures Television's contracts on Dan Harmon and his cast of Greendale Community College characters would expire at the strike of July 1, 2014, the #sixseasons half of the cult comedy's se... [Read More]
Sony Exec Assures That the 'Community' Movie Is Definitely Happening
by Megh Wright The good news isn't yet over for Community fans. Now that the show's sixth season has been secured thanks to Yahoo, THR spoke with Sony Pictures Television exec Zach Van Amburg about the Hulu and Yahoo talks, Dan Harmon's role in the process ("front and center"), and most importantly,... [Read More]
‘Community’ going to Yahoo Screen: Dan Harmon announces 13 episode sixth season will live online
Dan Harmon, the creator and executive producer of cult comedy Community, announced today that the quirky ensemble comedy, recently canceled by NBC, will have a sixth season on Yahoo! Screen, the online streaming service that has found huge success with original and acquired comedy programming. &ldqu... [Read More]
“Community” lives! Yahoo Screen to air season six, places 13 episode order
#sixseasonsandamovie is still alive and well. Well, ‘cept for that movie part (yet). In what can only be described as a totally 11th hour resurrection for a show that’s been DOA more than we can count, Community – which was cancelled by NBC just a few weeks ago – will live. Y... [Read More]
'Community' Set to Return for 13-Episode Season on Yahoo Screen
by Megh Wright While all might have seemed lost for a sixth season of Community since its cancellation in May, The Wrap reports that a surprise last minute deal has been made for the cult NBC hit to come back in the form of a 13-episode season on Yahoo Screen. "I am very pleased that Community will ... [Read More]
Mike Sacks
Mike Sacks’s second book of interviews with comedy writers operates on a few different levels. For the casual comedy fan, there are plenty of big names like Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Mel Brooks, Amy Poehler and Patton Oswalt. There are behind-the-scenes looks at Saturday Night Live and... [Read More]
It's Not Looking Good for a Sixth Season of 'Community'
by Adam Frucci While it was previously reported that Sony and Hulu were in talks to revive the cancelled Community for a sixth season on the streaming site, TV Line is now reporting that Hulu has given up on the negotiations. There's still a tiny glimmer of a chance that the show could be revived if... [Read More]
How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, Big Bang Theory and more! TV’s greatest catchphrases in one video supercut
From modern comedy hits like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Arrested Development to iconic comedy shows like Good Times, Happy Days and Everybody Loves Raymond the concept of the catchphrase is one firmly embedded in the success of those shows. So, it’s with great pleasure we p... [Read More]
Hulu may order the sixth season of “Community”
The show that could, Community just never seems to be one to lie down and die a quiet death. The dream of #sixseasonsandamovie seems to still have a glimmer of hope. Reports are that Hulu is in early talks with Sony to produce a sixth season of the show, which was cancelled by NBC a […] Hulu ... [Read More]
‘Community’ may move to Hulu Plus! Will Greendale live on streaming service?
Community lives! Maybe! reports that Hulu is in talks with Sony Pictures Television, which produced the show, for more original episodes of the cult favorite comedy series. After NBC cancelled Community earlier this month, creator Dan Harmon was less than enthusiastic about the show get... [Read More]