Watch Paul F. Tompkins and Jim Rash Have a Conversation on 'Speakeasy'
by Bradford Evans Here's the latest episode of Paul F. Tompkins's interview web series Speakeasy, and his guest this time around is Oscar-winning screenwriter and Community actor Jim Rash. It's a fun run-through of Rash's career, including the history of his writing partnership with Nat Faxon, the ... [Read More]
Diving Into the Cult of Dan Harmon in 'Harmontown'
by Erica Lies When introducing the documentary Harmontown at the South by Southwest Film Festival, director Neil Berkeley (Beauty is Embarrassing) described his film's thesis, saying, “The point of this film is not about whether Dan Harmon is a good person or a bad person, but to understand wh... [Read More]
This week in comedy: with Community PSAs
Community’s G.I. Joe themed episode airs this Thursday. Here’s a PSA teaser. [NBC] Dave Chappelle will perform his first NYC show in 10 years at Radio City Music Hall this June. [Vulture] A woman transferring into Marge Simpson is nightmare fuel. [Youtube] Chelsea Handler is leaving her ... [Read More]
'Community' Takes an Anti-Graffiti Stance in This 'G.I. Joe'-Themed PSA
by Megh Wright Community's animated G.I. Joe-themed episode airs next week on NBC, so ahead of that the show put together this helpful PSA for kids who think graffiti is cool. Britta and Abed are aptly nicknamed Buzzkill and Fourth Wall, which are exactly the kind of heroes the comedy world needs. ... [Read More]
Amazingly, 'Community’ Might Actually Get Those Six Seasons and a Movie
by Bradford Evans For years now, Community fans and the show's cast and crew have been using the phrase "six seasons and a movie" as a half-joking mantra about the show's future, but now, it looks like the show might actually be getting a sixth season and a movie. TV Guide reports that plans for the... [Read More]
Vince Gilligan Discusses His Upcoming 'Community' Appearance
by Bradford Evans "Everybody in their heart of hearts wishes they could be Errol Flynn or Harrison Ford, swashbuckling away in a big movie. I always knew I couldn’t act and I couldn’t sing, so I never really tried either. But out of the blue, Dan Harmon called up and said, would you like... [Read More]
Dan Harmon and Mitch Hurwitz Are Working on a Mysterious Project Together
by Bradford Evans Community creator Dan Harmon did an interview with Rolling Stone out today, and in it, he mentioned that he and Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz are working on a mysterious new project together. Here's what Harmon said, although he deliberately didn't give a lot of detail... [Read More]
South by Southwest Comedy
Attendee response to the first day of comedy programming at Austin’s 2014 South by Southwest Interactive/Film/Music Festival proved one thing undeniably: comedy personalities and projects are garnering more mainstream attention and attracting larger fanbases than ever before. By early afternoo... [Read More]
Enjoy Joel McHale and Jim Rash’s spoof of ‘True Detective’
There’s a whole lot of hype circling around HBO’s True Detective staring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. People can’t seem to get enough of the show with theories about what the King In Yellow metaphors mean, or trying to figure out out who the killer is. Enter the world o... [Read More]
Donald Glover Says He's Returning to 'Community'
by Megh Wright Apparently next week at SXSW, former Community star Donald Glover — who attempted to reduce his role as Troy on Community last year — will be participating in a "hackathon" as Childish Gambino. According to Uproxx, Glover tweeted a link to his "The Deep Web Tour" website w... [Read More]