Trevor Noah is the current favorite to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show
As we know, Jon Stewart is marked to step down as host of The Daily Show later this year. As far as speculation as to the replacement we know there’s a short list. But now it appears one of the show’s correspondents has emerged as the front runner. Variety is reporting that South African... [Read More]
Talking with '@midnight's First #PointsMe Winner Chris Cubas
by Megh Wright Back in January, Comedy Central's @midnight launched a new contest called #PointsMe, in which fans and aspriring @midnight contestants took to Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr to try out for an appearance on the show. "I think in the ideal scenario, we'd like to find som... [Read More]
Jason Jones leaves The Daily Show after 10 years
Jason Jones, 43, joined The Daily Show in September 2005, and as Jon Stewart joked while feting Jones on Thursday night -- his last as a correspondent -- he was the "show's beefcake" in the beginning. Here's the show's tribute to Jones, as broadcast last night on Comedy Central: But Jones, a Canadi... [Read More]
The Daily Show says goodbye to Jason Jones
Last night’s episode of The Daily Show was the final one for longtime correspondent Jason Jones. Both Jones and his wife/TDS correspondent Samantha Bee are leaving for other projects which include producing and writing their own shows, and a TBS show for Bee. Needless to say, this is not the l... [Read More]
Strangers With Candy funniest moments: 10 videos to celebrate one of the greatest comedies in television history
With the recent announcement from co-creators Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello that Strangers with Candy, Comedy Central’s late-90s cult classic, will never be resurrected in any way, SWC fans are mourning the loss of Jerri Blank and her excellent taste in whack-ass jewelry. Maybe Jerri has gone b... [Read More]
Snoop Dogg wishes that Justin Bieber’s mom had made some different choices in her life
Here’s another sneak peak into Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber. The Bieber Roast premieres Monday March 30. Snoop Dogg wishes that Justin Bieber’s mom had made some different choices in her life appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Watch Jon Stewart Say Goodbye to Jason Jones on 'The Daily Show'
by Megh Wright After ten years as a correspondent, Jason Jones made his final appearance on The Daily Show last night, and Jon Stewart gave a proper tribute to all the silly and silly-serious segments he's done over the years. "Nothing makes my job easier than knowing there is someone there who I ca... [Read More]
Daniel Tosh roasts Justin Bieber; neighbor roasts Tosh with mean Tweets
Daniel Tosh raised a simple, valid question on this week's episode of his hit Comedy Central series, Tosh.0: How come Comedy Central never has invited Tosh to participate in one of its roasts? Is it because he doesn't need the extra publicity? Or is the network afraid of making him such a big star t... [Read More]
Comedy Central teams up with Whipclip to help share Bieber burns from Roast
In an effort to make Monday night’s Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber hit a new stratosphere in viral universe, the network is teaming up with Whipclip, a new app that allows viewers to create and share video clips from their favorite shows. Whipclip users can clip and disseminat... [Read More]
Hasan Minhaj Heads to Oregon to Meet Sugar Bob the Stoned Deer
by Megh Wright Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj recently traveled to Oregon to investigate a once-in-a-lifetime story of how legalized medical marijuana is destroying society through a deer named Sugar Bob, who seems to enjoy getting high and eating stolen candy. It's a shame that marijuana is ... [Read More]