Here's a 'Drunk History' Outtake Featuring Chris Romano from Season 1
by Megh Wright The first and second seasons of Comedy Central's hit show Drunk History are now out on DVD, and among the extras are some drunk outtakes and extended scenes including the above clip from the Boston-themed season 1 episode featuring Chris Romano trying, and spectacularly failing, to ge... [Read More]
Comedy Central developing ‘TripTank’ spinoff ‘Jeff & Some Aliens’
Comedy Central is developing a new series, a spinoff from freshman animated series TripTank. According to THR, duo Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli are set to man the new animated/live-action hybrid comedy Jeff & Some Aliens. The show follows “Jeff (voiced by Brett Gelman) and three ext... [Read More]
Comedy Central Is Developing a 'TripTank' Spin-Off 'Jeff & Some Aliens'
by Megh Wright Comedy Central's animated show TripTank might get its own spin-off series. THR reports that the network is currently developing a spin-off from duo Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli that will be an animated series based on their TripTank series Jeff & Some Aliens, which follows ... [Read More]
South Park’s ‘My Bitch Ain’t No Hobbit’ vinyl available on Record Store Day Black Friday
Vinyl records are all the rage these days and Comedy Central’s South Park is getting in on the action. Comedy Central Records is releasing a limited edition 7-inch vinyl picture disc in coordination with Record Store Day Black Friday on Nov. 28. The vinyl album will feature the songs “Ja... [Read More]
Hasan Minhaj’s debut on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Every new "correspondent" on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart gets to break in a new suit as Stewart breaks him or her into the show. Well, not every new comedian. Hasan Minhaj made his debut on Comedy Central's news satire program Wednesday night in a T-shirt, not delivering the news but debating a ... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert interviews former boss Jon Stewart on ‘Colbert Report’
Stephen Colbert met his perfect match last night when he interviewed his former Daily Show boss Jon Stewart on last night’s Colbert Report. Stewart was there to promote his directoral debut film Rosewater, and defend his liberal, youth-vote grabbing ways to Colbert. “Only 21% of the yout... [Read More]
Watch Stephen Colbert Interview His Former Boss Jon Stewart
by Megh Wright Stephen Colbert has never had a better match with an interview guest than he did during last night's show, when his former Daily Show boss and current Colbert Report executive producer Jon Stewart dropped by to promote his new movie Rosewater and remind Stephen: "I've heard about you... [Read More]
Key & Peele’s director Peter Atencio on his favorite Key & Peele sketch: “Aerobics Meltdown”
Last night's episode of Key & Peele featured a dark satirical sketch that opened with the words: "Everything you are about to see is true." It then takes us back to the 1987 "Jazz Fit Champonship" where the two finalists, Flash and Lightning, receive some life-and-death information during their ... [Read More]
Here's 'Key and Peele' Director Peter Atencio's Favorite Sketch This Season
by Megh Wright In case you missed last night's Key and Peele, Comedy Central uploaded the wonderful, weird, and inevitably disturbing "Aerobics Meltdown" sketch today. Director Peter Atencio wrote a blog post that breaks down all the work that went into it and why it's his favorite Key and Peele ske... [Read More]
Larry Wilmore’s Comedy Central show gets new name, premiere date + more details!
Larry Wilmore, known as the Senior Black Correspondent for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, will officially start his post as host of his own Comedy Central show on Thursday, Jan. 19. And that’s not the only news since we reported on Wilmore’s upcoming show. It turns out that due to some... [Read More]