Chosen and Taken
Elon Gold is a multitalented comic. This is quite obvious listening to his comedy mp3 album Chosen and Taken. Though the show gets off to a rough start with a hack bit involving “a quick show of breasts” Gold quickly resets the bar at a higher, more interesting level that ...... [Read More]
Comedy Dynamics uploading entire stand-up comedy archives to new Hulu channel
Hulu is getting a stand-up comedy boost as its streaming options soon will boast the archived collection from New Wave Entertainment's stand-up special catalogue. The Comedy Dynamics channel will debut July 29 on Hulu, with specials both on the free service as well as the paid Hulu Plus subscription... [Read More]
New Wave Entertainment is launching a comedy channel, Comedy Dynamics, on Hulu
New Wave Entertainment has produced stand-up specials for nearly a decade, and now its launching a brand new comedy channel on Hulu called Comedy Dynamics. Comedy Dynamics is a streaming video on demand service that and will bring its impressive library of stand-up comedy to the masses. Founded in 2... [Read More]
Brooks Wheelan Is Going on the "Brooks Wheelan Falls Back on Stand Up Comedy (sorta) Tour"
by Megh Wright Since news broke last week that SNL had fired three featured players, none of them have responded and bounced back from the bad news quite like standup Brooks Wheelan. In addition to his string of hilarious tweets following the big announcement ("Whats the protocol on length of depart... [Read More]
Joe Zimmerman on His Comedy Central 'Half Hour' and Staying in NYC
by Isaac Kozell Self-proclaimed "ambassador of joy" Joe Zimmerman is in a New York state of mind. The comedian is putting down serious roots in what he calls “the place to go if you want to be a standup comic.” And who can blame him? The city is treating him and his career quite well. Af... [Read More]
Mark Normand: Relatably Edgy
Mark Normand is a hilarious comedian with a unique voice.  Literally, he has a very unique voice. Comedically as well, that old-timey tone and his innocent looking face let him get away with a lot of things other comedians can’t. He’s recently been seen on Last Comic Standing and Co... [Read More]
This week on TV: with comic book store comedy
This week, The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail will make its premiere on Comedy Central. The stand-up show, hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani takes place in the back of LA’s Meltdown Comics. It’s been a staple of the LA comedy scene for some time now, so the folks at Comedy Centra... [Read More]
Husband Emails Wife Spreadsheet Of Excuses She Gave For Not Having Sex With Him; Wife Posts Sex Life Spreadsheet On Reddit
An unnamed husband thought he had the perfect way to convince his wife to have sex more often. The man sent her a spreadsheet of all the excuses his lover gave when she refused to sleep with him. But the move backfired in a big way when the woman posted the chart on Reddit, where it has now gone vir... [Read More]
Charlie The Dog Baby Apology Video Real Or Fake? Beagle Showers Laura With Gifts After Stealing Toy
What’s the only thing cuter than a funny dog video? A funny dog video with a baby, of course! So it’s no surprise that Charlie the beagle’s hilarious attempt to cheer up a crying baby is going viral. The video begins with Charlie the dog taking one of the baby Laura’s toys.&n... [Read More]
This Week in Comedy: We had a lot of forced fun
The news story this week was definitely the fun we all were having with “Weird Al” Yankovic at the driver’s seat. With a new and fun parody video being released each day it was a quick reminder for us to check in with him. We documented his entire #8videos8days campaign. Including,... [Read More]