Steve Martin offers to teach you a MasterClass in comedy for $90
However you feel about comedy classes, Steve Martin may change your mind. The online MasterClass series includes sessions you can watch and pay for in which Serena Williams, Frank Gehry, Gordon Ramsay, Shonda Rhimes, Aaron Sorkin, Dustin Hoffman and more, sharing their process with you and hopefully... [Read More]
Kevin Nealon’s “Laugh Lessons” attempts to teach comedy to children, via AOL
I believe that children are our future, too. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Can you teach children of any age how to do comedy, though? And do they even know what AOL is? One of these questions is left unanswered in the new 12-episode AOL webseries, Laugh Lessons with Kevin Nealon. Produ... [Read More]
Are these the “10 People You Meet In Every Improv Class”?
Dan Hopper at CollegeHumor posted an amusing look at some of the clowns you may run into should you take a class in improv comedy. It's titled "The 10 People You Meet In Every Improv Class." Certainly these aren't the only 10 people. Just the worst 10 people. Or are they? How many of them do you ide... [Read More]
Comedy classes anyone? Here are some you can take in New York
Spring is here, you know what that means? Great weather and tons of comedy classes are available in New York. Just about every comedy club seems to be offering up some classes and there are even some free ones online. So lets get it started, here are some classes geared towards making you more funny... [Read More]
Yes, there is a degree available for being the class clown
Finally, thanks to Columbia College, and their partner The Second City, it is now possible to get a bachelor degree in comedy writing and performing in the U.S. Don’t go looking else where though, Columbia is the only college offering a degree for being the class clown. Countless jokesters are all r... [Read More]
John Roy’s “Entirely Free Comedy Class” week 1
Lots of people in every major city are charging money to take a standup comedy class. While I know comedians who have benefited from such classes, the majority consensus among fellow comedians are that these are of dubious value and, even if they help with some fundamentals or with building courage and comfort on stage, neither replace the time you will have to spend in open mics nor are worth the hundreds of dollars they normally cost. The fact remains that there is no homework in standup co... [Read More]
Comic book villains take an improv comedy class
I'd say 2012 is the year of the superhero movie, but that would be insulting to all of the other years of the 21st century dominated by superhero movies. Instead, focus on this fact: Every comic-book superhero has to face a villain, and each of these... [Read More]
Matt Besser’s new UCB Improv Master Class offers “new way”
How to gear up for this weekend's Del Close Marathon? How about warming up your comedic palette with this new web series from the Upright Citizens Brigade's Matt Besser, "Inside the Master Class," in which Besser and his Los Angeles students of a sup... [Read More]