3 Reasons Why Key & Peele Is Ending, According To Keegan-Michael Key
As confirmed Key And Peele on Comedy Central will come to an end. Star of the series, Keegan-Michael Key in an interview with Deadline went on to share the three biggest reasons why the sketch show was ending after it’s 5th season. He explained time, over work, and the shows theme becoming re... [Read More]
J.B. Smoove Says Chris Rock Should Do A New ‘Pootie Tang’
This morning, J.B. Smoove talked with The Breakfast Club to promote upcoming shows in New York City this weekend. Part of his talk J.B. spoke on Bill Cosby, and explained how many popular comedians over the years have had some type of vice. Starting off he talks about his own career, political corr... [Read More]
Corinne Fisher and Katie Hannigan stick “Ladies Night Comedy” to the Fringes in “The Comedienne Project”
For all of the plights that befall women who pursue stand-up comedy just getting to the stage, there's also the hurdle of overcoming stereotypes audiences have of what they're like onstage. The Comedienne Project stars stand-up comedians Katie Hannigan and Corinne Fisher, and directed by Ted Alexand... [Read More]
Watch: Season Premiere Of The Carmichael Show Tackles ‘Relationships & Protesting’
NBC premiered The Carmichael Show last night and the series which is being compared to a new version of The Cosby Show, didn’t disappoint. With the cast of stand-up comedians Jerrod Carmichael, Tiffany Haddish, Lil Rel, and David Alan Grier they took on relationship troubles and protesting. ... [Read More]
Martin Lawrence Announces Dates & Cities For ‘Doin Time’ Tour
It’s official Martin Lawrence is back on the road. Previously mentioned he has returned to his stand-up roots after taking some time from the stage. Earlier today he went on to share upcoming dates along with their cities of for newly announced ‘Doin’ Time’ tour. His last co... [Read More]
Arsenio Hall Ends ‘Coming To America 2’ With Kevin Hart Rumors
If you go anywhere online you might see a poster to a sequel of Coming To America being shared. The cover art features Kevin Hart, Michael Blackson along with stars of the original film, Eddie Murphy (Hakim) & Arsenio Hall (Semi). By looking at it you can clearly tell photo-shop was involved bu... [Read More]
Katt Williams To Feature In YG’s ‘Twist My Fingaz’ Video
Just before we catch him back on the road this October, Katt Williams will soon make an appearance in Los Angeles rapper YG’s upcoming music video, Twist My Fingaz. Over the past few months Katt has been some what quite but earlier this week came out of hiding to support the Compton rapp... [Read More]
Jerrod Carmichael Explains To Conan Why He Doesn’t Believe Man Went To The Moon
Last night as he promoted his upcoming series on NBC, The Carmichael Show, Jerrod Carmichael talked with Conan. He went on to share that he took his promotional campaign to the streets with copies of the pilot on VHS. As it turns out the actual pilot wasn’t on the handed out tapes but instead... [Read More]
Jay Leno And Mike Epps Crash Los Angeles’s Hollywood Improv
Instagram/Eppsie Last night, guest at The Hollywood Improv comedy club in Los Angeles got a surprise visit from two well known comedians. Jay Leno, who ended a run with NBC’s The Tonight Show last year looks to still be keeping his comedy sharp as he shared the stage with Mike Epps. The two co... [Read More]
Lil Rel’s Hour Special With Kevin Hart Gets Premiere Date In September
Chicago native Lil Rel’s highly anticipated first hour comedy special seems to have found a date on Comedy Central. The upcoming special entitled RELevent executive produced by Kevin Hart will air September 5th at 11PM EST. Rel went on to break the news earlier via Instagram. It’s offic... [Read More]