It is hardly Mr. Seinfeld’s fault that he’s less of a common man than he was before…
“It is hardly Mr. Seinfeld’s fault that he’s less of a common man than he was before. What is telling is that his uncommonness is not marshaled on the show to help comedy’s commoners. Mr. Seinfeld, more than most, could use his show to give a platform to comics needing discov... [Read More]
'The New York Times' Says Jerry Seinfeld Is Failing to Pay It Forward
by Megh Wright "Mr. Seinfeld, more than most, could use his show to give a platform to comics needing discovery. Instead, he packs it with fellow stars. They reminisce together about the days when they were nobodies and given glorious breaks, and seem almost unaware that there are nobodies today who... [Read More]
Billy Crystal Is Reviving His 'SNL' Characters on FX Show 'The Comedians'
by Megh Wright If you've been clamoring for an encore performance of Billy Crystal's SNL characters from the mid-'80s, your dreams are about to come true. FX's upcoming Billy Crystal/Josh Gad show The Comedians — which follows a veteran comedian (Crystal) working on a late night talk show with... [Read More]
“Funny Girls” reality series coming to Oxygen cable in 2014
Oxygen announced a reality series on Tuesday for up-and-coming comedians that has been almost two years in the works. It still doesn't have an official title -- the working title is "Funny Girls" -- nor does it have an official cast. But it's a-coming. Funny Girls first showed up on Oxygen's develop... [Read More]
GRINGO Sketch Group, LA’s Funny Men on YouTube (Video)
GRINGO posts short comedy sketches every Monday on YouTube. The group consists of five stand-up comedians: Jeremiah Watkins, Omar Nava, Chris Edwards, Jon McCarthy, and Gil Garibaldo. Their comedy ranges from dry humor to absurd and everything in between. You can watch and subscribe to them on YouTu... [Read More]
Judd Apatow Is Releasing a Book of Interviews He Did with Comedians
by Bradford Evans Judd Apatow was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, and Meyers mentioned that Apatow is releasing a book of interviews he conducted with comedians "of all different generations." No other details on the book were given as far as a title/release date, but Apatow proce... [Read More]
My Favorite Comedians: Mitch Hedberg
Asking who your favorite comedian is always feels like a trick question to me. Do you mean of all-time or right now? What answer are you hoping I give? It feels like only a slightly less cruel joke than asking me to actually tell you a joke. When I left newspapers to launch The Comic's Comic in 2007... [Read More]
Billy Crystal officially returning to television with Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad as his co-star
In a piece of unsurprising news, FX as greenlighted a new comedy series starring the iconic Billy Crystal and Josh Gad, of Book of Mormon and Frozen fame. Production on 13 episodes will begin later this year with plans to debut the show in 2015. Deadline first reported the series pick-up. The pilot ... [Read More]
FX orders Billy Crystal’s “The Comedians” to series
FX just announced it's bringing Billy Crystal back to primetime TV, as star of The Comedians, which has received an initial order of 13 episodes for its first season, to debut in 2015. Crystal plays a version of himself, essentially -- "a superstar veteran comedian" -- paired up with a younger comed... [Read More]
FX Orders Billy Crystal/Josh Gad Pilot 'The Comedians' to Series, Will Debut in 2015
by Bradford Evans Cable network FX announced today that they've ordered the pilot The Comedians to series. Starring Billy Crystal and Josh Gad, The Comedians is based on the Swedish show of the same name and was ordered to pilot by FX last summer. The American adaptation is being written by Lar... [Read More]