Dave Attell shares his “Road Work” experiences across America as a club comic in new Comedy Central stand-up special
Twitter may have given everyone the false hope or impression that they're all joke machines. But nobody remains funnier and writes more great jokes and tests them out on a nightly basis in front of living and breathing comedy club customers than Dave Attell. Nobody beats Attell. And Attell wins fair... [Read More]
Image of Downtown club will answer Wichita’s comedy cravings
Downtown club will answer Wichita’s comedy cravings
There’s been a bit of a laugh deficit in Wichita since the Loony Bin, the city’s only comedy club, closed 13 months ago. Now it’s back with a new location, name and mission. Live at 215 Performance Theater opened at 215 N. St. Francis last weekend. [Read More]
MTV2 plays ball with Major League Baseball: Chris Distefano on co-hosting new “Off The Bat” series from the MLB Fan Cave
The surest sign that spring is in the air is Opening Day of Major League Baseball season, which happened Monday in ballparks across America. Tonight, from the MLB Fan Cave in New York City's Greenwich Village, comedian Chris Distefano will help christen a new weekly pop-culture look at our national ... [Read More]
Michael Malone’s 8 Rules to Emcee’ing
So many comedy shows -- whether they're in a comedy club chain, a one-nighter or an alternative theater space -- focus so much on the headliner or marquee drop-in names on the lineup that they overlook the one person onstage that audiences will see first, last and most during the show. The MC. An em... [Read More]
Royale Watkins Revamps Mixtape Comedy Show, Preps for TV Special, Tour
Royale Watkins, co-founder of the Mixtape Comedy Show at the legendary Gotham Comedy Club, a show which has featured comedy stars such as Chris Rock and Amy Schumer, now takes the mic as the solo host. He’s overhauled the original show format to supplement the comics with a classy, talented ba... [Read More]
The Improv: 50 Years Behind The Brick Wall
When Budd Friedman's Improv comedy club turned 40, he celebrated with a primetime anniversary special on NBC (that aired against the final sing-off of the first season of American Idol). Now at 50, The Improv reminisces once more, this time with a one-hour documentary on cable/online via EPIX, The I... [Read More]
A Night at the Chicago Laugh Factory
The main reason why standup works, and in some cases, fails like a vegetarian making a one-time stop at McDonald’s is because the event is unpredictable. Anyone can appear on the stage either drowning you in relatable wind-ups or stand there shifting from foot to foot like they’re workin... [Read More]
Voting is now open for the fan vote of Comedy Central’s Up Next comedian finalists
Now is the time to vote for Comedy Central’s Up Next Fan Pick. The nine finalists have been chosen, and now it’s up to the comedy fans to select their fan favorite in the nation-wide talent search from CC: Certified Clubs. Last Wednesday during the New York Comedy Festival, all nine fina... [Read More]
Addicted To Comedy: Would You Risk Your Job For Comedy?
Comedians need to be aware when their material is being are posting to the Internet. We live in a sensitive world and background checks are no longer limited to previous places of employment or credit history. When was the last time you researched yourself on Google? If you posted explicit tweets or... [Read More]
Sign this petition to end the “check spot” or “check drop” at comedy clubs
The following is a petition founded by stand-up comedian Judah Friedlander, whom you have seen on TV (30 Rock), in movies, and live in a comedy club near you. Welcome to DontDropTheChecksDuringTheShow.org This is The World Champion Judah Friedlander. I'm a comedian. I love comedy clubs. But I hate "... [Read More]