Academy President Hints That Chris Rock Will Speak On ‘White Oscars’
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cheryl Boone Isaacs took time out for a special conversation to speak on the coverage surrounding this year’s Oscars controversy. She then went on to discuss Chris Rock’s involvement hosting the night, and re-assured that Rock will most likel... [Read More]
Chris Rock’s Rep. Denies Changes To Opening Oscar’s Monologue
Last week, it was reported that Chris Rock was preparing to take on the Oscar So White controversy by allegedly changing his opening monologue to this year’s Oscars. Producer Reggie Hudlin told Entertainment Tonight that Chris was writing a new show, now a representative of Chris is clai... [Read More]
Chris Rock Responds To Oscar Nominations, Calls Show ‘The White BET Awards’
Just as the week came to an end, the upcoming Oscars revealed it’s full list of nominations to this year’s show. This year it was noticed that no black actors were apart of the nominations triggering outraged on social media. Users on Twitter responded to the nominations with an #Oscars... [Read More]
Judd Apatow Responds To Eddie Griffin’s Cosby Comments, Says Griffin Is Looking For Conspiracies
Eddie Griffin shook things up last week, when an interview with him talking about Bill Cosby was released from VladTV. In the conversation Eddie went on to share how he questioned Cosby’s alleged victims. “Why would you go to a room with a known married man?”, Griffin asked. In re... [Read More]
Nicole Byer And Andrew Schulz Trade Tweets Over ‘Chris Rock’s Black Women In Hollywood Comments’
Last week Chris Rock’s statement regarding black women in Hollywood circulated after it was highlighted in a story on current SNL star Leslie Jones. Rock’s comment came as a response to actress Jennifer Lawrence’s thoughts on equal pay for women in Hollywood, which Rock went on to... [Read More]
Chris Rock Responds To Actress Jennifer Lawrence: “Black Women Have The Hardest Gig In Show Business”
Before we catch Chris Rock hosting at the upcoming Oscar’s, he is already showing that he has a few things to say about Hollywood and some of it’s actors. In a recent feature on Leslie Jones, Chris spoke on actress Jennifer Lawrences thoughts on pay for women in Hollywood, in which Chri... [Read More]
First Look Of Chris Rock Preparing For 2016 Oscars, Promo Shoot
Back in October we found out that Chris Rock will make his return to the annual Oscars event. It was back in 2005, Chris made his Oscar debut and now is set to touch the stage once more when the award show airs this coming February. Over the weekend in Los Angeles, the first of several promo shoots... [Read More]
Dave Chappelle Announces 12 Show Run In Chicago
Dave with Busta Rhymes in 2014 at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall Chicago is about to get some love from Dave Chappelle, as he has revealed a stop in the windy city for a total of 12 shows. Much like his 2014 stop at Radio City Hall in New York City, the upcoming show residency for Chappelle is su... [Read More]
David Spade Opens Up About Fall Out With Eddie Murphy, Reveals Angry Call
For a while Eddie Murphy decided to distance himself from Saturday Night Live after the show took a shot at him during a sketch with David Spade. It was well known that Eddie was upset over the bit but years later we finally get a little insight on how serious he was about being made fun of on the ... [Read More]
Dave Chappelle And Kevin Hart Ranked As The Highest Paid Comedians For 2015, Forbes Drops List
Every year Forbes magazine gets a hold of 10 names they research as the highest paid comedians. Like previous list, the business magazine has now revealed it’s group of comedians for 2015. Topping the list (below) came Jerry Seinfeld at number one, and following just behind Jerry was none oth... [Read More]