Hannibal Buress, “Live From Chicago” on Comedy Central
I've been a fan of Hannibal Buress since he was only known as Chicago's top up-and-coming stand-up comedian, back when he was selling T-shirts for his kicking pigeons joke and wondering who the next big blind guy would be. The rest of the nation has caught on to how funny Buress is, and his ascensio... [Read More]
Talking with Hannibal Buress About 'Broad City,' Preparing for Onscreen Roles, and His New Standup Special
by Megh Wright Hannibal Buress has come a long way from being a writer for SNL and 30 Rock and sometimes a crazy homeless man, enjoying a steady rise to success as both a popular standup and hilarious supporting television player on The Eric Andre Show and more recently Comedy Central's Broad City. ... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress’ animated trip to create a New Orleans street parade (video)
This weekend Hannibal Buress’ stand-up special, Live From Chicago premieres on Comedy Central. While some clips from the special have already hit the web the best was saved for last. On the special, Buress has a great tale about how he went about creating a second line parade in New Orleans fo... [Read More]
Comedians in Courthouses Getting Cuffed: Lenny Bruce and George Carlin, December 1962
On Dec. 5, 1962, Lenny Bruce was both comedy icon and outlaw at the age of 37. He had played Carnegie Hall and released the recording as a triple-album, and was just beginning to amass a lengthy arrest record, too. On that night, Bruce was performing at the Gate of Horn in Chicago. In the audience, ... [Read More]
The Onion and A.V. Club are launching a comedy festival in Chicago this June
The folks that run The Onion and The A.V. Club are going to put on a comedy festival. The fest is called the 26th Annual Comedy Festival. So it’s the first annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival. You still with us? The shindig will take place in the publication’s hometown of Chicago on June ... [Read More]
Long Story Short, but I may have unintentionally started a beef between you and Eddie Griffin
Do you remember yesterday when we posted clips from Hannibal Buress’ forthcoming stand-up special in which he talked about impersonating Donald Glover to get into an Eddie Griffin stand-up comedy show without paying? No? Well watch this then. If you were possibly wondering is this was true sto... [Read More]
Laughspin Podcast, episode 89: Hannibal Buress interview
On the latest episode of The Laughspin Podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with the mighty Hannibal Buress. The dude has a lot going on, but most importantly, his new one-hour stand-up comedy special Live From Chicago premieres March 29 on Comedy Central. I’ve already watched the entire th... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress talks about doing drugs, impersonating Donald Glover, and comedy perks in these previews for his new stand-up special
We’re super excited that one of our favorite comedians, Hannibal Buress is set to release a new stand-up special as part of the epic stand-up month that Comedy Central is launching in April. Buress’ screened Live From Chicago in front of an audience at SXSW last week. It’s his thir... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress Talks About Impersonating Donald Glover in This Preview of His New Comedy Central Special
by Bradford Evans Here are two preview clips from Hannibal Buress's new Comedy Central standup special, Live from Chicago, which debuts on Comedy Central Saturday, March 29th, at midnight, and will be available a week prior via CC: Stand-Up Direct. In the first clip (above), he talks about saying he... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress pretends to be Donald Glover and two more previews of Live From Chicago (Videos)
Though Hannibal Buress’ newest one-hour special Live From Chicago is set to premiere March 29 at midnight on Comedy Central, it’ll be available for download through CC: Stand-Up Direct for $5 starting this Friday, March 21. Live From Chicago will also be available on DVD and digital serv... [Read More]