Inside ‘Hot Date’ with Emily Axford and Brian Murphy
“Sense of humor” is often cited as one of the top three personality traits that people look for in a partner, and it’s probably just as important that they laugh at your jokes as it is that you laugh at theirs. Finding that quality probably wasn’t as much of a problem for Emi... [Read More]
MTV pushing back into late-night talk show game with Girl Code Live, Middle of the Night Show
For the first time in two years, MTV is getting back into the late-night talk show arena, announcing a series order with Big Breakfast for Middle of the Night Show, along with a weekly spin-off talker for Girl Code called Girl Code Live. Both announcements came late Tuesday during MTV's Up... [Read More]
How the Furry Community Embraced CollegeHumor's Furry-Lampooning 'Furry Force'
by Sydney Parker When CollegeHumor’s Brian Murphy and Adam Conover wrote Furry Force, they never dreamt that their hilarious and uncomfortably arousing animated series featuring hyper-sexualized cartoon animal superheroes would be embraced by the furry community. But dreams do come true. Popul... [Read More]
Photo + video: “Community” star, comedian Donald Glover’s impromptu rap show at steakhouse
if you’re Donald Glover and you have some time between comedy shows, you can always just throw together an impromtu rap concert (photo above by Kevin Rank). You probably know the Community star has released music and often performs as his alter ego Childish Gambino (in fact, he’s opening for himself on his current tour); so, when he tweeted this last night..: “Okay. We have an off day in Boise, Idaho. And we’re bored. If we played in impromptu show at a bar, who would come out tonight?” it was o... [Read More]