Amanda Seales Returns To The Breakfast Club: Shares ‘Smart, Funny, And Black’ Series Still In The Works, And Revealed She Auditioned For ‘Girls Trip’
Amanda Seales is currently on a run with her career and stopped by The Breakfast Club to update everyone about it. In the nearly one hour conversation, Amanda discussed her LA move to her current relationship status. From watching the interview we learned that Seales is exploring all of the options ... [Read More]
Damon Wayans Says Hannibal Buress Isn’t Ready For Prime Time TV, Talks With The Breakfast Club
This morning, Damon Wayans sat down with The Breakfast Club to cover several things. He touches on cell phones hurting comedy, his time at SNL, Diabetes scare, and In Living Color coming to an end. While speaking on his days at SNL, Damon opened up about getting fired from the show. Eddie Murphy ha... [Read More]
J.B. Smoove Says Chris Rock Should Do A New ‘Pootie Tang’
This morning, J.B. Smoove talked with The Breakfast Club to promote upcoming shows in New York City this weekend. Part of his talk J.B. spoke on Bill Cosby, and explained how many popular comedians over the years have had some type of vice. Starting off he talks about his own career, political corr... [Read More]