Exclusive “Man-on-the-street” interview with Boston’s Tony V.
Tony V has headlined comedy clubs and remained a fixture of the Boston comedy scene since it boomed in the early 1980s, as depicted in the documentary When Stand Up Stood Out. You may have seen him in movies such as The Heat or One Crazy Summer. His most recent onscreen credit, though, could most ea... [Read More]
Meet Me In New York: Jon Fisch
What do they say about New York City: There are eight million stories, and sometimes it seems as though eight million of the people telling them think they're comedians? No, that's not it. It is a fact, though, that America's biggest city is also its biggest comedy mecca. Hollywood may be Hollywood,... [Read More]
Chris Rock’s SNL monologue tackles Boston marathon, Freedom Tower, gun control (Video)
Opening with the Boston Marathon bombing, Chris Rock delivered a Saturday Night Live monologue unlike the light-hearted fare offered by most SNL hosts. Some online are claiming the old standby arguments against such a bit: “It’s too soon” and “sometimes there are things you j... [Read More]
Jim Norton to tape his new stand-up special on January 17th in Boston
Jim Norton is setting up to tape his next stand-up special in Boston on January 17th. That should be enough information to go on at this moment because who doesn’t want to see Jim Norton tape a new stand-up special? Nobody that’s who! But I digress, if you need more information, here&rsq... [Read More]
This Week In Web Videos: 'K&A'
by Luke Kelly-Clyne I’m supposed to write things that are at least marginally insightful about the world of web video. That’s part of the whole “column” deal, you see, because insights qualify my words as a “review” and not just a verbal fire hydrant of fandom. W... [Read More]
Shane Mauss
Shane Mauss’s new special, Mating Season, finishes with the very beginning of his live performance. (It’s him firing a t-shirt gun into the audience in lieu of a warm-up act.) With this in mind, it feels fair to start with the end of his special, when it becomes clear that Mauss’s ... [Read More]
Jim Jefferies is taping a new special this weekend in Boston
Australian comedian Jim Jefferies is taping a new stand-up special this weekend in Boston.  This will Jefferies fifth special after 2008′s Contraband (infamous for a moment when Jefferies was attacked while onstage), 2009′s I Swear to God, 2010′s Alcoholocaust, and 2012′... [Read More]
Bridgetown Comedy Festival 2014: Highlights and checking out the competition
Did you know that there was a bi-coastal tug of war within the comedy community this weekend between Bridgetown Comedy Festival and Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival? I actually made that up, but it does at very least explain the absence of some of my favorite comics in Portland this weekend. ... [Read More]
May 3, 2014: Eugene Mirman Day in Boston, by official proclamation of Mayor Marty Walsh
You know there's a new mayor in Boston because today is officially Eugene Mirman Day. Also, because Boston Mayor Martin (Marty) Walsh messed around with Mirman in this official City of Boston YouTube video to mark the occasion. Roll it. Here's the proclamation that Mirman was holding, signed by Hiz... [Read More]
'Eugene Mirman Day' Is Now an Official Holiday in the City of Boston
by Bradford Evans Comedian Eugene Mirman now has his own holiday. The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is in Boston this weekend, and in honor of that, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has officially proclaimed May 3rd, 2014, as "Eugene Mirman Day" in the city. Mirman grew up in suburban Boston and started his... [Read More]