Inside the TJ & Dave book: 5 questions with Pam Victor
Trust them, this is all written down The post Inside the TJ & Dave book: 5 questions with Pam Victor appeared first on Third Beat.... [Read More]
Doug Stanhope to release memoir in April 2016
Doug Stanhope announced that he will be writing/releasing a new memoir covering his relationship with his mother. The Stanhope diehards will remember Stanhope’s recent special, Beer Hall Putsch revealed some really dark stories about his mother, including her assisted suicide in 2008 as she wa... [Read More]
Doug Stanhope inks deal to write his memoir
Look. You know that I know that we all know lots of comedians have written memoirs in the past few years, but I think we all can agree that none of them will reveal as many surprises and cold hard truths (and certainly some wild tales and recollections that may deviate from your truth) as the forthc... [Read More]
Me and Mike O'Donoghue
by Dennis Perrin The heavy door to the office slowly creaked open, and in stepped Michael O'Donoghue. He wore a mustard-colored overcoat with matching fedora. His glasses were clear, both frame and lenses. He had a pencil-thin mustache. He quickly assessed the cluttered office, smirked, then lit a l... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden (on Netflix)
Reaching the rarefied air of performing stand-up comedy to arena audiences, and particularly New York City's Midtown Manhattan palace -- Madison Square Garden -- lends itself to moments of celebration for the comedians who find themselves at that summit. Kevin Hart shot fiery flames in the air behin... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari reveals cover of his new book “Modern Romance” due out June 16th
Now that Parks and Recreation is a thing of the past, comedian Aziz Ansari is shifting his focus onto his new and upcoming projects. His second Netflix stand-up comedy special, Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden premieres this Friday. And his upcoming book, Modern Romance... [Read More]
Watch a Short Film Based on DC Pierson's 'The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To'
by Megh Wright DC Pierson recently teamed up with Community and Mystery Team director Dan Eckman and producer Meggie McFadden to turn his 2010 novel The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To into a movie. In the meantime, they posted a proof-of-concept short today to give an idea of what a f... [Read More]
The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday Cake, by Dan Rozier
by Brian Boone, Editor  In a big tree house down a sunny dirt road deep in the heart of Bear Country, it was Brother’s birthday. The Bear family—Mama, Papa, Brother and Sister—were sitting around the kitchen table enjoying some of Mama’s famous homemade birthday cake. Pa... [Read More]
‘Laser Cat’ Yearbook Photo Teen Dead At 17; What Happened To Draven Rodriguez From Schenectady High School?
Last fall, we told you the story of Draven Rodriguez, the teenager behind the “laser cat” yearbook photo. Sadly, this tale has now taken a tragic turn. Rodriguez died from an apparent suicide on Thursday. He was just 17 years old. “He made friends wherever he went,” Rodriguez... [Read More]
Megan Amram Shares Some Unexpected Sex Advice from 'Science…For Her!'
by Megh Wright IFC posted a new installment of "Funny People Reading Books" today featuring Megan Amram reading an excerpt from her book Science…For Her! that's some unexpected advice about how long to wait after meeting someone to have sex. Maybe one day women will finally learn to stop sabo... [Read More]