Hannibal Buress has a book deal, discusses it on “Conan”
Hannibal Buress got a book deal. Congrats! the comedian went on Conan last night to talk about the deal, mainly about how unexcited he is about the deal because it involves what he describes as, “a lot of homework” and his editors aren’t really that terrifying to him. So needless t... [Read More]
Joan Rivers biography slated for 2016 as investigation into her death continues
As the investigation into the death of Joan Rivers continues, more positive news has surfaced— a biography about the trailblazing comedian will be written and has been slated for a 2016 release. Titled Joan Rivers: A Life, the tome will be written for Little, Brown and Company by Leslie Bennet... [Read More]
Finding Business Lessons in the World of Improv
by Stephanie Simon In his book Funny Business, Bill Connolly explores the connection between business and comedy. With interviews from Boston’s powerhouse standup Gary Gulman to the owners of Boston’s Improv Asylum, Connolly explores how his ten comedic principles, if applied, can better... [Read More]
Porn Star Textbook Cover … How Photo Of Adult Film Actress Mana Aoki Ended Up On Math Book In Thailand
A company in Thailand thought it found the perfect photo for the cover of its textbook. The image featured a pretty girl  wearing glasses while engrossed in a file labeled “mathematics.” But only after the photo was uploaded did the company realize the picture was actually of porn s... [Read More]
Facebook Is Testing a "Satire" Tag So Dumb People Will Stop Getting Fooled by 'The Onion'
by Megh Wright Within the past few weeks, Facebook has been rolling out a new feature that tags links from The Onion with a "[Satire]" warning, effectively killing the whole point of the website and making Facebook a safer place for dumb people everywhere. The "satire" tag doesn't show up when it's ... [Read More]
Mutant Giant Spider-Dog Prank Video … Watch SA Wardega Dress Pooch Chica In Costume And Scare Poland Pedestrians
A man in Poland has pulled off a hilarious mutant spider-dog prank.  Notorious jokester SA Wardega dressed up pooch Chica as a spider and let him loose in the streets of Poland, where he scared dozens of passers-by. The prank begins with a mysterious mutant commanding the spider-dog to attack i... [Read More]
Bryan Cranston Is Producing a Comedy for NBC Called 'The Dangerous Book for Boys'
by Megh Wright NBC just added another potential comedy series from Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. Deadline reports that the network has added a project from Cranston's production company Moon Shot Entertainment based on the book The Dangerous Book for Boys by brothers Conn and Hal Iggulden, which... [Read More]
“Happy Birthday to my Loose Acquaintance,” by Garfunkel and Oates
Facebook changed the game when it comes to wishing your friends a Happy Birthday, both because now you know when everyone's birthday is (no excuses if you logged into Facebook), and because now your friends know if you took the 10 seconds to write on their wall to notice they're a year older. Of cou... [Read More]
Joe Toplyn on writing for Leno, Letterman, Chevy and more
For millions of students and teachers, it's time to go back to school this week. For a handful of lucky comedy students, it's also the start of a very specialized schooling, as Joe Toplyn leads a new group of would-be TV writers in his Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV class at The PIT. It starts Wed... [Read More]
Kelly Carlin digs deep for a new memoir and a posthumous live CD or CDs from her father
For the better part of the past six years, Kelly Carlin has been processing and sharing the lessons from her life as the only child of a comedy legend, first as a stage show -- "A Carlin Home Companion" -- and now in a published memoir of the same title. She handed in a 336-page manuscript to her ed... [Read More]