Marcel the Shell Experiences His Very First Thunderstorm
by Megh Wright It's a big week for fans of Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp's tiny creation Marcel the Shell. Not only is there a new book called Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been out tomorrow, but today they released a brand new video featuring Marcel as he talks about deodoran... [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan
Even the casual Jim Gaffigan fan knows the man thinks a lot about food. One of his earliest chunks to break through was about Hot Pockets, and people still sing the jingle to him in airports. He’s the definitive comic voice when it comes to bacon. He named his 2004 CD The Last Supper, and was ... [Read More]
Jenny Slate sings as Marcel the Shell with Shoes On about Marcel’s mother
Forgive David Letterman for not nailing the exact sequence of events that transpired during Jenny Slate's tenure at Saturday Night Live. For whatever happened back then eventually led to a wedding weekend with Slate, her husband Dean Fleischer-Camp, and a voice that launched videos that launched a c... [Read More]
What a _________ Job: How Mad Libs Are Written
by Nick Douglas “There’s a very small number of people on this planet who have this very specific job.” That’s how Mad Libs editor Laura Marchesani describes her work, and the exact thought that made me curious about a game I hadn’t played in decades. Mad Libs have been... [Read More]
Megan Amram, Nick Offerman, Rich Fulcher, and Steve Agee Get Sweaty for Science
by Adam Frucci Megan Amram's new book Science…For Her! comes out on November 4th, so in order to get ladies jazzed up to learn about science, she enlisted three of the hunkiest hunks in comedy: Nick Offerman, Rich Fulcher, and Steve Agee to shoot a video to promote it. If those three studs g... [Read More]
Megan Amram, Nick Offerman get physical for Funny Or Die (Video)
Twitter juggernaut and Parks and Recreation writer Megan Amram is getting her science on in this Olivia Newton-John reimagining. To promote her upcoming book, Science…For Her!, Amram reworked the Grease star’s “Physical” into a song about ladies’ battle with science. A... [Read More]
Megan Amram, Nick Offerman, Steve Agee and Rich Fulcher get physical for science
Ladies, you know science just isn’t our thing. It’s not our fault though, and don’t worry, we have Megan Amram to help us. Parks and Rec writer and Twitter genius, Megan Amram’s new book, Science for Her, hits stores on November 4th. It’s like if science journals we&rsq... [Read More]
“The Origin of Blackbird,” from Bob Odenkirk’s “A Load of Hooey (Book Excerpt)
Bob Odenkirk has written a new book that's literally "A Load of Hooey." That's the title of it. The former writer for Saturday Night Live, The Ben Stiller Show, Mr. Show with Bob and David, mentor to Tim and Eric and The Birthday Boys, and star of the upcoming Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul... [Read More]
Lena Dunham to Adapt and Possibly Direct the YA Novel 'Catherine, Called Birdy' for the Big Screen
by Megh Wright Actor and author Lena Dunham has added another project with news that she plans to adapt Karen Cushman's 1994 YA novel Catherine, Called Birdy for the big screen. According to Variety, Dunham revealed the news at the New Yorker Festival on Friday: "I'm going to adapt it and hopefully ... [Read More]
Watch a Play from Bob Odenkirk's New Book Called "Hitler Dinner Party"
by Megh Wright Bob Odenkirk's new book A Load of Hooey comes out today, and to get you excited, he teamed up with Funny or Die and the voice talents of Megan Amram to turn his short play "Hitler Dinner Party" into a fully realized and extremely awkward animation. For more monologues, poetry, fiction... [Read More]