I’m So Sorry My Panic Room Is Such a Mess, by Ben Hargrave
Oh, wow, this is quite embarrassing. I’m so sorry about all the clutter. Of course, I obviously knew you, Dom, and the kids were coming over for dinner – that’s why I made sure the house was spotless – but how could I know that these burglars would break into my home and... [Read More]
On Behalf of Airway Airlines, Thank You For Choosing Us and Knowingly Riding This Plane Full of Supernatural Creatures, by Ben Hargrave
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard Flight 666 with non-stop service from Boston to San Francisco. We’re currently second in line for takeoff, so we should be airborne in just a jiffy. This should be a relatively smooth flight, as we’ve received rep... [Read More]