Barry Rothbart on Standup, Acting, and ‘Downward Dog’
This year ABC’s Downward Dog became the first network sitcom ever to be accepted at the Sundance Film Festival. Not bad for a show about a talking dog. While the talking-animal concept is one critics generally deride, it’s the opposite for Downward Dog, which has received critical acclai... [Read More]
Join us for The Laugh Button Live! New York Super Week Edition on Tuesday, October 6th
Next week is New York Super Week, a collection of pop culture events put on by New York Comic Con and happening around the city of New York. It’s a celebration of all things pop culture before the biggest pop culture event of the year begins next week. Once again The Laugh Button Live! will [&... [Read More]
Standup and Fake Cocaine with Barry Rothbart
Comedy Central’s The Half Hour series continues this Saturday night and I talked to the man holding down the 12:30 a.m. spot, Barry Rothbart. The Half Hour was filmed at The Royale in Boston, a fitting venue, considering that Rothbart got his (kind of weird) start in Massachusetts. Rothbart wa... [Read More]
Comedy Central Records will release six albums from comedians appearing on this season of “The Half Hour”
The fourth season of Comedy Central’s The Half Hour premieres August 22 at Midnight immediately followed by a second episode. Up first are comedians Liza Treyger and Hampton Yount respectively. The specials were filmed at The Royale in Boston and they showcase some of the best up-and-coming st... [Read More]
Watch “Hungry,” a documentary on competitive eating, directed by comedians Barry Rothbart and Jeff Cerulli
Whether you watched today's Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest and found it ridiculous -- or refused to watch it precisely because it's ridiculous -- you're right in your right as American to feel that way. And also correct, but perhaps not for the reason you think. So instead, watch Hung... [Read More]
Here’s the 2015 class of comedians taping Comedy Central Half Hour specials
Every year Comedy Central selects a handful of some up-and-coming comedians and gives them a half-hour special. It’s a great and long-running series the network has utilized to showcase the next wave of comedians and give some of them their first look at screen time. This year’s class of... [Read More]
Comedy Central’s The Half Hour list, Class of 2015
In recent years, Comedy Central has recorded seasons of The Half Hour stand-up specials in late February in Boston, but things didn't go according to schedule in 2015 -- which probably was the best for all parties concerned considering how snowed in Boston was this winter! So instead of February, it... [Read More]
Preview the movie trailer for mockumentary “Adventures in Comedy”
Tom McCaffrey is even more of an aspiring stand-up comedian in Adventures In Comedy than he is in real-life. Or is he? Such is the journey McCaffrey enjoys and endures in this mockumentary, with interviews and advice from the likes of Margaret Cho, Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garofalo and Aisha Tyler, as ... [Read More]
Keeping Busy with Barry Rothbart
by Phil Davidson Barry Rothbart is doing a little bit of everything these days. He co-directed a documentary about competitive eating that premiered this summer, he co-created and stars in a web series on Comedy Central, and he’s got a role in Demetri Martin’s new movie, to name a few. W... [Read More]