Exploring the Hidden Racist Past of the Looney Toons
by Matt Crowley I have an uncomfortable confession to make: I have never liked the Looney Tunes. Despite the cultural pervasiveness of these characters, and a lifelong love of animation on my part, they’ve always struck me as annoying, repetitive, and boring — for all the pandemonium tha... [Read More]
Kevin Hart vs. DC Young Fly! Instagram Feud Goes Viral On Twitter After ‘Bring That Ass Here Boy’ Roast
Comedian DC Young Fly is learning the hard way not to mess with Kevin Hart. The Atlanta-based comic called out Hart on Instagram, which has led to a social media war between the two. DC Young Fly is known on social media for calling out various stars with the phrase “Bring That Ass Here Boy.&r... [Read More]
Watch Comedy Central’s new web-series “300 Sunnyside”
Lately, Comedy Central has been seeking out and creating more web-series to expand their web presence. As previously announced, the CC network ordered six new web-series this year including 300 Sunnyside. Written by Barry Rothbart and Danny Solomon, the series is about “six roommates of 300 Su... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien, Weird Al Yankovic, Jon Lovitz joined the cast of The Simpsons, live at Hollywood Bowl
For three days and nights over the weekend, the Hollywood Bowl hosted a nostalgic throwback of epic proportions as the cast, past writers and friends of The Simpsons performed in tribute to the 25th anniversary of the animated TV series on FOX. Hank Azaria hosted, and his fellow voice castmates Nanc... [Read More]
Meet Pete Davidson, Saturday Night Live’s newest addition
Comedian Pete Davidson has just become the newest member of Saturday Night Live. Hand-picked by SNL honcho Lorne Michaels to join the 40th season of the iconic sketch show, Davidson now has the opportunity to greatly build on his already growing following in the New York comedy scene. In addition to... [Read More]
Daily Show’s Michael Che returns to Saturday Night Live as Weekend Update anchor
Less than five months after joining The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, comedian Michael Che is leaving his correspondent post at the critically acclaimed Comedy Central show—but it’s for a very good reason. The former Saturday Night Live scribe is headed back to Midtown Manhattan to become... [Read More]
Michael Che replaces Cecily Strong on SNL Weekend Update; more SNL cast hires coming in 2014
What did you do on your summer vacation? Michael Che -- who left the Saturday Night Live writing staff in May to join The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as an on-air correspondent and hooked up with Funny or Die's Oddball Festival for four tour stops in August -- is rejoining SNL this season in front o... [Read More]
Puck Magazine and the Birth of Modern Political Cartooning
by Alex Dueben In the late 19th Century, long before Mad Magazine and the Daily Show, there was Puck. The magazine helped to change the very nature of political cartooning, was at the forefront of printing technology and agitating for progressive causes during the Gilded Age — and is even cred... [Read More]
Preview season 2 of Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central
The second season of Adam Devine's House Party premieres tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m., before settling into its regular time slot, overnight Thursdays at 12:30 a.m. Eastern/Pacific (11:30 p.m. Central/Mountain). The Comic's Comic interviewed Devine before season one of his "House Party" d... [Read More]
Throwing a House Party with Adam Devine
by Phil Davidson Part sitcom, part standup showcase, Adam Devine’s House Party might be difficult to describe, but it’s a fun hybrid. Mensch that he is, Devine created the show in part to give the up-and-coming comedians who perform on it a chance to display their acting chops. The show ... [Read More]